One amazing thing about eating in Portugal is we always ate great food! Here are the restaurants we have been – in Aljezur & in the surroundings – and that we recommend you to go too. ENJOY 😋

Fonto Do Vale, Aljezur

Fonto Do Vale is well-known for its massive burgers (vegetarian or not). They are served with handmade fries – potatoes or sweet potatoes – both are delicious. We also tried the sardines and the grilled sea bass: simple typical tasty Portuguese fish dishes. In general, for 2 people, we paid less than 30€ for 2 people.

  • Burgers : 7,50 € – 9,50 €
  • Fish : 11,90 € – 15,90 €

Find here the menu of Fonto Do Vale and their Facebook page.


Pont A Pé, Aljezur

Located near the Mercado Municipal of Aljezur, Pont a Pé is serving delicious Portuguese dishes. Adrian had some beef with mushrooms, a cheese sauce & some homemade fries, and I had the octopus with sweet potatoes. Both meals were a delight. This restaurant doesn’t have many vegetarian options. See their menu here.

  • For 2 people, we paid about 40 €

See Pont a Pé website here and their Facebook page.

Pont a Pe aljezur

Mó Veggie Bistrô, Aljezur

Located near the restaurant Pont A Pé, Mó Veggie Bistrô is serving delicious vegetarian & vegan dishes.

On the side of the usual menu, they prepare a starter, a main dish, and a dessert of the day, every day! We ate there once so far and had the hummus plate as a starter and the vegan burgers. At first the burgers look quite small but the bread is heavy, and you’ll be full! The hummus is delicious too. They also have great vegan desserts made without sugar.

  • Trilogy of flavors (hummus): 5 €
  • Burger with salad and sweet potatoes: 13 €

Find here their Facebook page.

Mo Veggie Bistrot

Arte Bianca, Aljezur 

There are two restaurants Arte Bianca in the area, one is in the town of Aljezur and the other one is in Vale da Thela. They serve the same pizzas. AND THE PIZZAS ARE EXCELLENT! The dough is amazing and the combination of ingredients & flavors is absolutely perfect. They have vegetarian and vegan options. My favorite pizza is the Parmigiana and Adrian’s the Diavola.

Very friendly staff & good service, we definitely recommend you to visit them 🙂

  • Prices Pizzas: between 8 € and 13,50 €
  • Arte Bianca is open daily from 12am to 10:30pm

Find here their website and their Facebook page.


The Elska Kitchen, Aljezur

What a Wonderful dinner! The meals are original and full of flavors. We tried the fish of the day, the vegetarian risotto, the vegan squash meal and the vegetarian Pão de Ló (“sponge cake”) with mushrooms – honestly everything was amazing! The vegan chocolate cake was also a delight.

Great friendly service. Do not miss this restaurant!

  • Prices for 4 people: With 6 glasses of wine, 4 main dishes, 1 piece cake, and the tip we paid 78 euros. 

See here their website, Facebook page, and their Instagram account.


Maxi Warung, Aljezur

Maxi Warung serves Thai and Indonesian food. 

After spending a few months in Thailand and in Indonesia, we were a bit skeptical about the food, but we gave it a try, and we were both surprised how good the food was! We took away the vegetarian spring rolls, a Massamam curry and a fried rice. Everything was tasty!

  • Curry: 12 €
  • Fried rice: 9,50 €
  • 2 Spring Rolls with prawn crackers: 4 € 

Find here their Facebook page.


Sector B, Hamburgueria, Aljezur

Sector B is located in Vale da Telha, next to Maxi Warung. At Sector B, we took away the bacon cheeseburger and the vegetarian burger. Both burgers were tasty. The vegetarian patty is mainly made with chickpeas and beetroot. In the vegetarian burger, I had an extra mushrooms and onions which was amazing. Both potatoes and sweet potatoes fries are delicious. The white sauce served with the burgers is great too. 

Thumbs up to the Burger Place, Sector B.

  • Vegetarian Burger: 7,50 €
  • Bacon Cheeseburger: 8 €
  • Extras: between 0,50 and 1,50 €

Find here their website and Facebook page.

Sector B Hamburgeria

Restaurant Bar Praia Arrifana

This small bar/restaurant is perfectly located on Arrifana beach. We loved going there at the end of the day to watch the surfers, the sunset and enjoy a fresh beer. For food, we only tried the tuna paste & the sweet potatoes’ hummus with bread. It was a tasty “apéro”!

  • Hummus: 1,80 €
  • Tuna paste: 1,80 €
  • Super Bock: 2,50 €

See here their website and Facebook page.


O Paulo, Arrifana

This is the best seafood we ever ate, cooked to perfection! The staff is kind and welcoming, they took their time to explain to us the menu. We recommend you to eat the tiger prawns 😋 

The restaurant O Paulo offers an amazing view on top of the cliffs overlooking Arrifana. Plus, you might see some sweet goats nearby!

  • This restaurant isn’t for low budget travelers, we paid more than 120 € for 2 meals and a few drinks, but it was well worth it!

Find here their Facebook page.


Sea You Surf Café, Arrifana

Cosy Cafe in Arrifana. Ideal for breakfast & lunch. They serve salads, sandwiches, burgers, burritos, as well as different smoothies, coffees, teas, kombucha and so on. The banana bread served with fruits is excellent. The sandwiches and burritos are great too.

  • Banana Bread: 3,50 €
  • Smoothie: 4,50 €
  • Açai bowl: 6 €
  • Cheese sandwich: 3,50 €
  • Burritos: 6,50 €
  • Veggie Burger: 10 €

Find here their Menu and Facebook page.


Trigo Vermelho, Aljezur

Another great place to eat pizza! Trigo Vermelho is serving delicious pizzas with many vegan and no gluten options. The dough is thin and really tasty. We don’t know which flour they use, but it reminds us of the flour “blé noir” which is used to make the French salty crêpes – delicious!

  • With 3 drinks, 2 large pizzas and the tip, we paid 33 €

PS: you can’t compare the pizzas from Trigo Vermelho and Arte Bianca, there are too different. So try both 😉

See here their Facebook page.


Gulli Bistrot, Aljezur

At Gulli Bistrot, the menu features pizzas, pastas, as well as some creative appetizers and dishes. As starters, we tried the tempura shrimps and the red tuna tataky, a real delight! As main course, we ate the Tortelli (ravioli) filled with pumpkin and parmigiana, the  meat served with mushrooms, the filet mignon, the salami pizza and the salmon pizza. All meals were absolutely delicious. The desserts were divine too!

The food is very well-made and nicely presented. We would love to go back to try their pizzas.

  • Shrimps Tempura : 8,90 €
  • Red tuna crispy Tataky : 9,80 €
  • Tortelli (ravioli) filled with pumpkin and parmigiano : 9,80 €
  • Filet mignon : 10,80 €
  • Pizzas : between 9,90 € and 13,90 €
  • Tiramisu : 4,50 €

Find here Facebook page and Instagram account.

DCIM101GOPROGOPR3767.JPGGulli Pizzas

Sushinami, Aljezur

The sushi are freshly prepared and delightful 😋 There are some vegetarian options available as well.  Highly recommended! 

  • For this plate of 51 sushi, we paid 48 €

See here their websiteFacebook page, and Instagram account.


The Green Room, Lagos

The Green Room is a bar and a burritos’ restaurant located in Lagos. We had the quesadilla, the burrito and the falafel taco. Everything was flavorful and the mango chili sauce was amazing. 

  • Quesadilla: 10 €
  • Burrito: 9 €
  • Falafel Taco: 8 €
  • Small Beer: 1,50 €
  • Coke: 2 €

See here their Facebook page.


Marè, Lagos

Marè is the only restaurant where the food wasn’t great. I ate the fish of the day served with salad and potatoes which was simple and good. Adrian had a cheeseburger which wasn’t good at all, he didn’t finish it (frozen meat, frozen fries).

The good point about this restaurant is the large terrace which offers a nice view over the Marina. It’s located on the top floor of the Lagos’s Mercado municipal. We recommend that you go there for a drink 🙂

  • Fish of the day: 11 €
  • Burgers: 11,50 € – 14,50 €

Find here their website, Facebook page and Instagram account.

IMG_2470Mare Lagos

Flavor of India, Alvor

Flavor of India is located in Alvor, next to Portimaó. We ate many times in this Indian restaurant as the meals are full of flavor and amazingly cooked. You can choose the spice level from non-spicy, to medium or hot. They are vegetarian & vegan friendly.

Great service, great food, highly recommended!

  • Pilau rice: 2,40
  • Garlic Naan: 2,50
  • Chana Masala (and all vegetarian dishes): 6,90
  • Chicken Tikka Massala: 8,75
  • Beer: 2

Find here their Facebook page.


Hope you enjoyed this yummy list. Feel free to share this post with your friends!

Thanks for reading, Amandine

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 Amandine & Adrian @whynotabroad


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