There is a great variety of restaurants in Koh Phangan, from local to fancy restaurants, you’ll find what you’re looking for. We lived in Srithanu during the Covid crises, so  all bars were closed as well as many restaurants. We mainly ate in Srithanu and surroundings. Even though a few places were closed we have a great list of amazing restaurant to share with you! 

The prices may vary depending on the currency but it’ll give you a rough idea. You can always check the currency via xe.com.


Pum Pui

Welcoming staff, fast service & delicious food, Pum Pui is our favorite local restaurant in Srithanu. They serve the best Massaman curry I have ever eaten 😋 We also love the vegetable basil leaf, the vegetarian fried rice (definitely with a little bit of the secret spicy sauce they serve with it) and the fresh & the fried spring rolls. Everything is super tasty.


  • Basil leaf vegetables: 100 THB ( 2,90€)
  • Vegetarian curry: 100 THB
  • Fresh Spring Rolls: 90 THB ( 2,60€)
  • Kale oyster sauce: 80 THB ( 2,30€)
  • Fried Spring Rolls: 80 THB
  • Pad Thai: 60 THB ( 1,70€)
  • Rice: 20 THB ( 0,60€)

Find Pum Pui on Facebook, on TripAdvisor, and here on Google Maps.

Pum Pui1
Chicken Basil Leaf
Pum Pui2
Kale Oyster Sauce

Good Time Restaurant

Good Time is also one of our favorite Thai restaurants in Srithanu. We love all their stir-fried vegetables, especially the Basil leaf  & the cashew nuts, their vegetarian spring rolls, the chili basil leaf chicken and the Pad Thai.


  • Chili & basil leaf chicken: 100 THB ( 2,90€)
  • Vegetables (basil leaf, cashew nuts…): 80 THB ( 2,30€)
  • Spring Rolls vegetables: 70 THB ( 2€)
  • Pad Thai vegetables: 60 THB ( 1,70€)
  • Rice: 20 THB (0,60€)

See here the location, their Facebook page, and the reviews on TripAdvisor.

Good Time
Spring Rolls, Vegetable Cashew Nuts & Pad Thai

Mama Kop, Srithanu

Mama Kop serves tasty Thai dishes. We have eaten there many times. We enjoyed everything we ate except the spring rolls which, in our opinion, were not sufficiently cooked inside.


  • Morning Glory: 60 THB (1,70€)
  • Noodle soup vegetables: 60 THB
  • Fried rice/ Pad Thai vegetables: 60 THB
  • Basil leaf vegetables or chicken: 80 THB (2,30€)
  • Fried vegetables with cashew nuts: 80 THB
  • Spring Rolls vegetables: 100 THB (2,90€)
  • Rice: 20 THB (0,60€)
  • Fruit juice: from 50 to 60 THB (1,40 – 1,70€)

Find Mama Kop on TripAdvisor, and here on Google Maps.

Mama Kop2
Morning Glory
Mama Kop
Chicken Basil Leaf

Mama Pooh’s Kitchen, Srithanu

Mama Pooh is a great place to eat good Thai dishes. The portions are huge, we never finished our plates! When the restaurant is full, be ready to wait a long time before getting served. 


  • Vegetarian curry: 80 THB (2,30€)
  • Mixed vegetables with oyster sauce: 80 THB
  • Basil leaf chicken: 80 THB
  • Chicken garlic & pepper with rice: 70 THB (2€)
  • Plain Rice: 20 THB (0,60€)
  • Small Chang: 60 THB (1,70€)

See here the location and the reviews on TripAdvisor.

Mama Pooh
Vegetarian Curry

Sangsom Thai Restaurant

Sangsom Thai Restaurant is located in Srithanu, just before Mama Kop (it’s the first restaurant on your left or the last one on your right!).

We only ate there once but the food was good, the staff was friendly, and the service was fast. We both preferred the vegetables with cashew than the sweet & sour.

  • Vegetables sweet & sour sauce: 80 THB (2,20€)
  • Vegetables with cashews nuts: 100 THB (2,80€)
Sangsom Thai Restaurant2
Vegetable sweet & sour sauce

Noenkhao Restaurant, Srithanu

We went to Noenkhao Restaurant for breakfast. Served with a good coffee, our breakfasts were nice. Adrian enjoyed a fruit salad with muesli & yogurt while I enjoyed a pineapple pancake. The pancake wasn’t sweet, it was served with pieces of fresh pineapple, and some honey on the side, nice 😊

They also have Thai food but we actually never tried.


  • Coffee: 40 THB (1,10€)
  • Fruit salad muesli & yogurt: 60 THB (1,70€)
  • Pineapple Pancake: 60 THB
Noenkhao Restaurant2
Pineapple Pancake & Muesli

Local Restaurant at the fruit juice corner, Srithanu

On your way to Dosha Cafe, the last restaurant at the fruit juice corner is a good address for a low budget traveler. We took away some spring rolls vegetables, fried rice vegetables, and some vegetables with cashew nuts. We both didn’t like the spring rolls which were “mushy” inside but the rest of the food was good.


  • Spring rolls: 80 THB (2,30€)
  • Fried rice vegetables: 60 THB (1,70€)
  • Vegetable cashew nuts: 60 THB
name? at the fruit juice area
Fried Rice, Vegetables Cashew Nuts, Spring Rolls


Mandolino Pizzeria, Thong Sala

We ordered Pizzas and pasta very regularly from Mandolino. I find the pizza dough delicious. We tasted the vegetarian pizza, the feta pizza, and the salami pizza. We also ate the tagliatelle with pesto and it was a real treat 😋

🛵 Mandolino is located in Thong Sala. For 100 THB (2,80€), they deliver to Srithanu. 

  • Pizza Diavola (salami): 250 THB (7€)
  • Pizza Vegetariana: 280 THB (8€)
  • Pizza Feta: 300 THB (8,60€)

Find Mandolino on Facebook, on TripAdvisor, and here on Google Maps.

Feta Pizza & Vegetables Pizza

Locco’s Pizza Bar, Haad Yao

We also ate several times at Locco’s Pizza Bar. Adrian is a big fan of their pizza Diavola which is really tasty and a little spicy. I also ate a few pasta dishes and a fish dish and it was always perfectly cooked. They serve some great wine 🍷

Concerning the pizzas, I prefer the pizza dough from Mandolino while Adrian prefers the pizza from Locco.

🛵 Locco is located in Haad Yao. They deliver for free to their surrounded villages.

  • Vegetables pizza: 250 THB (7€)
  • Diavola: 300 THB (8,60€)
  • Pasta with seafood: 350 THB (10€)

See here the location of Locco, their Facebook page, and the reviews on TripAdvisor.

Diavola & Verdure

Romanzo Tropicale, Hin Kong

At Romanzo Tropicale, we ate a vegetarian and a salami pizza. The pizzas are very good, the dough is delicious. Even though we both enjoyed our dinner, I still prefer Mandolino’s pizzas and Adrian prefers Locco’s. They do not deliver but you can call and take away.

  • Vegetarian pizza (Ortolana): 270 THB (≃ 7,80€)
  • Salami pizza (Diavola): 280 THB (≃ 8€)
  • Small Beer: 90 THB (≃ 2,50€)
  • Glass of Wine: 200 THB (≃ 5,80€)

Find Romanzo Tropicale on Facebook, on TripAdvisor, and here on Google Maps.



Karma Kafe, Srithanu

At Karma Kafe, we both ate the Slightly Spicy Burger made with walnuts, quinoa, mushrooms & sweet potatoes. The burgers are served with sweet potatoes fries & a small salad, and there are Fantastic! The patty is super tasty, we loved it.

We also tried the Beetroot burger and the Karma Burrito (spirulina wrap with black beans, sweet potatoes, pumpkin…), both were a delight!

Plus they serve delicious fresh juices and Kombucha. One fresh drink I can recommend is the “Thank You Berry Much”. You should give it a go!

  • Slightly Spicy Burger: 240 THB (6,90€)
  • Karma Burrito: 240 THB

  • Juices/Kombucha: 100 THB (2,90€)

Find Karma Kafe on Facebook, on TripAdvisor, and here on Google Maps.

Karma Kafe
Slightly Spicy Burger

Orion, Srithanu

At Orion, we ate the HeartBeet burger (beetroot), the Soma-shroom burger (mushrooms), and the Falafel Burger. The burgers are served with fries or salad and it’s a real treat. We also tasted different fruit juices and we recommend the Pink Punch (pineapple, beetroot, ginger) which is by far our favorite. The plus at Orion: the sea view, beautiful & relaxing.

  • Burger: 220 THB (6,30€)
  • Fruit juice (small size): 110 THB (3,10€)

Find Orion on Facebook, on TripAdvisor, and here on Google Maps.

Soma-shroom Burger
HeartBeet Burger

EAT. CO, Srithanu

At Eat. Co we ate the Falafel Burger and the “Beyond Meat Burger”. They are served with fries and they are tasty.

  • Falafel burger with fries: 250 THB (7€)
  • Beyond Meat burger with fries: 300 THB (8,60€)

See here their location, their Facebook page, and the reviews on TripAdvisor.


Green Gallery, Srithanu

At Green Gallery,  we took away one falafel plate and one vegan shawarma plate. We both didn’t enjoy the shawarma, the texture was super weird. The hummus was full of garlic and tasty. The falafels were good but dry… In the end, we were not convinced by their dishes and we never went back.

  • Falafel plate: 250 THB (7€)
  • Shawarma plate: 250 THB (7€)

See here their location, their Facebook page, and the reviews on TripAdvisor.

Green Gallery


Indigo Bakery Coffee, Hin Kong

We ate many times the baguette tradition, the Whole wheat bread and the pains au chocolat (chocolate rolls) from Indigo. They are really well-made, YUMMY 😋

We did not taste the other pastries they sell but they seem very good.

🛵 Free delivery if you spend more than 250 THB ( 2,90€).

  • Baguette tradition: 55 THB ( 1,60€)
  • Baguette tradition sesame: 65 THB ( 1,90€)
  • Whole wheat bread: 100 THB ( 2,90€)
  • Pain au chocolat: 70 THB ( 2€)

Find Indigo on Facebook, and here on Google Maps.


Taboon, Srithanu

Taboon is one of our favorite restaurants in Srithanu. We eat there at least once a week. They make delicious Israeli/Eastern cuisine.

The falafels are the best we have ever eaten! We also love their hummus, the shakshuka, the kale salad with its sesame sauce, the falafel pita sandwich. AMAZING 😊 


  • Fresh Coconut: 80 THB ( 2,30€)
  • 3 Falafels: 100 THB ( 2,80€)
  • Kale Salad: 180 THB ( 5,10€)
  • Falafel pita sandwich with fries: 190 THB ( 5,40€)
  • Hummus with chickpeas: 200 THB ( 5,70€)
  • Falafel Plate (for 2 people): 320 THB ( 9,20€)

See here the location of Taboon, their Facebook page, and the reviews on TripAdvisor.

Falafel Plate for 2 people & hummus
Pita bread & Falafel Sandwich

Chana Masala Indian Restaurant, Hin Kong

We ordered a few times food at Chana Masala.

We ate the Dahl Palak (lentils spinach), the Chana Masala (chickpeas Indian spices), the Veg Kofta (vegetable balls with cashew nuts sauce), the Aloo Tikka (potatoes Indian spices), the Aloo Jeera (potatoes turmeric), and the Garlic Naan.

We absolutely loved the Chana Masala which was perfectly cooked, a bit spicy, and super tasty. We ate twice the Dahl Palak. The first time it was amazingly good and spicy but the second time it wasn’t spicy and too salty, too bad.

We both prefer the Aloo Jeera than the Aloo Tikka (Aloo Tikka = dry). Concerning the Veg Kofta, we both didn’t like the sauce which was too sweet for us, but the vegetable balls were really good. 

We both don’t like their naan, the texture is really chewing. They look more like a pancake/crepe than a bread.

🛵 Free Delivering.


  • Veg Kofta: 160 THB (4,60€)
  • Dahl Palak: 150 THB (4,30€)
  • Aloo Tikka: 120 THB (3,40€)
  • Aloo Jeera: 110 THB (3,10€)
  • Chana Masala: 110 THB
  • Basmati Rice: 80 THB (2,30€)
  • Garlic Naan: 70 THB (2€)

Find Chana Masala on Facebook, TripAdvisor, and here on Google Maps.

Chana Masala
Dahl Palak, Garlic Naan, Rice & Aloo Tikka
Chana Masala2
Aloo Jeera & Chana Masala

Dosha, Srithanu

Dosha is offering vegetarian Indian food as a buffet. The food was good, especially the Dahl. But we only ate there once because the food was not spicy enough. 

We didn’t try them but we heard that Dosha is making delicious pastries.

  • Small plate: 100 THB (2,80€)
  • Large plate: 150 THB (4,30€)

Find Dosha on Facebook, on TripAdvisor, and here on Google Maps.

Small Plate for 100 THB

Crave Restaurant & Lounge, Srithanu

Kind & welcoming owners and staff.

Adrian loves their beef burgers. They are served with fries and a small salad. The French fries are handmade and perfectly cooked. They have a brie burger which is AMAZING 😋

I tried the vegetarian burger and the falafel wrap. I find that the patty and the falafels taste only like potatoes, the spices are definitely missing. I also ate the fish of the day with a basil sauce, fries, ratatouille, and salad. This meal was a real TREAT!

PS: The portions are very generous.


  • Wrap: 250 THB (7€)
  • Burger: 260 THB (7,40€)
  • Fish of the day: between 300 et 350 THB (8,50 – 10€)

  • A glass of Wine or Cocktails: 160 THB (4,60€)

See here the location of Crave, their Facebook page, and the reviews on TripAdvisor.


L’Alcove, Hin Kong

Beautiful french restaurant located right on Hin Kong beach. Good spot to watch the sunset and enjoy a good dinner.

We tried the a chicken cream “à la Normande”, the sliced duck breast, the prawns lemongrass with salad & potatoes, and the mix grilled seafood. Every meal were really tasty and perfectly cooked. 

They have a great variety of wine AND the red wine is served at room temperature which is SO appreciable!


  • Chicken Cream “À La Normande”: 320 THB ( 9€)
  • Sliced Duck Breat: 340 THB ( 9,50€)
  • Mixed Grilled Seafood: 340 THB ( 9,50€)
  • Prawns Lemongrass: 380 THB ( 11€)
  • A glass of Wine: starts at 190 THB ( 5,50€)

See here the location of L’Alcove, their Facebook page, and their website.

Mixed grilled seafood


Cospace, Baan Nai Wok

Cospace is a co-working space located in Baan Nai Wok (between Thong Sala and Hin Kong). You’ll find this co-working space at the Baan Jai Dee Resort. It is a comfortable place to work with a reliable Wi-Fi. You can also enjoy the swimming pool and the magnificent view of the ocean.

We tasted their Massaman curry (vegetarian) and the chicken burger. The curry was very good but not as much as Pum Pui and Adrian liked his burger and fries.


  • Fresh Juice: 110 THB ( 3€)
  • Coffee: 80 THB ( 2,30€)
  • Massaman Curry: 80 THB ( 2,30€)
  • Rice: 30 THB ( 0,80€)
  • Chicken burger served with fries: 220 THB ( 6,30€)

Find Cospace on Facebook, and here on Google Maps.

The view
Chicken Burger
Vegetarian Massaman Curry

Where To Have A Drink ?

Rasta Home, Haad Yao

Rasta Home hosts live Reggae music every Friday night. It starts around 8-9pm. Good Vibes ✌️

They sell a small beer for 100 THB ( 2,90€)

Find Rasta Home on Facebook and on Google Maps.

Koh Phangan

Bluerama, Baan Nai Wok

Located on the top of a hill, Bluerama is a restaurant/resort which offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Gulf of Thailand. It’s a good spot to watch the sunset. We only went once to drink a beer and check out the view. We didn’t taste their food.

Bluerama is open for adults – only adults.


  • Small Beer: 120 THB ( 3,50€)

See here the location of Bluerama, their Facebook page, and the reviews on TripAdvisor.


Freeway, Hin Kong

Freeway is Rasta bar/restaurant located right on Hin Kong beach. It’s a great place to hangout for sunset. Good music, good drinks & good vibes. We love the atmosphere.

(PS: We didn’t try the food).


  • Small Beer: 80 THB ( 2,30€)
  • Glass of wine: 140 THB ( 4€)
  • Cocktail: 160 THB ( 4,50€)

Find Freeway on Facebook, on TripAdvisor, and here on Google Maps.

Sunset at Freeway

Grasshopper, Srithanu

Grasshopper Bar is located right on Zen Beach. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy a drink, swim and watch the sunset in great vibes.


  • Small Beer: 80 THB ( 2,30€)
  • Glass of wine: 140 THB ( 4€)
  • Cocktail: 160 THB ( 4,50€)

See here the location of Zen Beach.

Sunset at Zen Beach


Thanks for reading, Lots of Love,

Amandine & Adrian @whynotabroad


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