We spent 2 unforgettable months on the island of Lombok, in Kuta. After reading this post you will know everything about living on this island, the prices, the best beaches, some nice things to do, and much more!

Everything you need to know about Kuta, Lombok

πŸš–Β  Taxi

From Praya airport to Kuta, the taxi ride costs about 100,000 IDR (≃5,60€), and it’s about 30 minutes drive.

πŸ›΅Β  Scooter

You definitely need to rent a scooter to explore the island, even when you stay in Kuta. The average price to rent a scooter is about 50,000 to 70,000 IDR (≃3 – 4€) per day.

You always can negotiate the price when you rent it for a few days/weeks/months. We paid 43,000 IDR (≃2,50€) per day for a really good scooter. Good Deal πŸ‘

To rent a scooter, we have never been asked to show any driver’s license.

DCIM101GOPROGOPR2791.JPGWhen you drive near Kuta, you don’t have to wear a helmet – it’s up to you.

But if you drive through the cities of Praya and Mataram, and if you want to explore the complete island by scooter, you will need to have your driver’s license, the paper from the scooter, and a helmet.

There is no petrol station in Kuta, so you need to buy bottles of petrol with the locals along the road. It’s 10,000 IDR (≃0,60€) for one liter. Easy!

πŸƒΒ  Water Buffaloes

There are Water Buffaloes all around the island. Don’t be surprised if you need to stop in the middle of the street to let them cross. I love it!


πŸ›΅Β  Parking

90% of the time when you head to the beaches around Kuta, you need to pay 10,000 IDR (≃0,60€) for parking.

It’s a one time ticket, which means if you go to Tanjung Ann in the morning for swimming, you leave the beach and you come back later for sunset, then you would need to pay again 10,000 IDR.

πŸ“²Β  Internet

Pretty much everywhere, Wifi isn’t the best! If you only check Facebook, it’s gonna be fine but if you need to make more research or work, I would suggest you buy a Sim Card.

We bought our sim card from Telkomsel at Lombok airport: 20go for 100,000 IDR (≃5,60€).

When your data is over, you can top up in a few places in Kuta. Do not try to top up via the App, it doesn’t work. In the phone shop Oppo, it’s 175,000 IDR (≃10€) for 50go. In Indomaret, they sell 50go for 205,000 IDR (≃11,50€).

With Telkomsel, the Internet Connection is really good and stable. To connect our computers, phones, and to get a reliable and strong connection, we use a Mobile Router. No need to rely on “shitty” hostel Wifi anymore. We insert our local Sim Card in the mobile router and we enjoy a perfect internet connection.

The one we use is Netgear Air Card 810, it works like a charm!

Info Telkomsel:Β To check the remaining data you can either download the Telkomsel app or in your messages reply to number 3636 with “UI info”. If you forgot your telephone number dial *808# to make it appear.

πŸ’¦Β  Water

To avoid buying plastic bottles every day, bring your own reusable bottle. Many guesthouses have free filtered water.Β If your guesthouse doesn’t offer water, you can buy a “big bottle” of about 20 liters of water.

We bought ours in Indomaret for 95,000 IDR (≃5,40€). When it’s empty, you exchange it with a full one and you pay 27,000 IDR (≃1,50€).Β 

Cheap, Easy, and you do something good for the planet.

How To Make Sure You Drink Mineral Water?

The solution we found is that we carry everywhere our filter water bottle which contains one piece of active charcoal.Β The charcoal releases minerals (calcium, iron, and magnesium) back into the water which improves the taste of the water and enhances health benefits.Β One stick of charcoal lasts six months.Β The Bottle we use is aΒ Black + Blum and is also free of BPA.

We love this bottle!

🍴 Food

There is a great variety of restaurants in Kuta, from local warung to fancy restaurants, you’ll find what you’re looking for.Β There are a few vegetarian options and even some vegan & gluten-free options.

Click here to see our (huge) list of restaurants in Lombok – with prices and pictures.


πŸ˜‹Β  Salak, Snake Fruit

Have you ever try this fruit? We love it!

It’s called Salak or Snake Fruit because of its skin. It looks a bit like scales. When you peel it, it looks like garlic cloves but it actually tastes a bit like a sweet apple. The flesh is hard, it’s a super good snack.

Give it a try!

Snake fruit whynotabroad

πŸ₯–Β  Is there a French Bakery in Kuta?

YES! It is called “The Breakery”. They sell fresh baguettes, pains au chocolat, croissants, sandwiches, pastries and different kinds of coffees.

The croissants & pains au chocolat are very good, crisp and soft at the same time, a delight πŸ˜‹ The baguettes are not as good as in France but they still do the trick! With salted butter, it was a real pleasure to eat fresh bread 😊

🧺  Laundry

To wash your clothes, the average price in Kuta is between 6,000 IDR to 10,000 IDR per kilo (≃0,40 – 0,60€).

We always did our laundry with Elisa (See location on Google Maps here). She took 6,000 IDR per kilo and the work was really well done! Loved the coconut smell πŸ₯₯

PS: At this price do not hesitate to give a tip 😊

πŸ“„Β  Printing

If you need to print a document in Kuta, no need to drive to Mataram, there is a printing shop next to Loka. In black and white, it’s 1,000 IDR (≃0,06€) per sheet.

‏ If you need to fix clothes they also have a sewing machine.

πŸ”–Β  Visa

The Visa Exemption allows you to stay 30 days in Indonesia. It’s free. This visa can’t be extended.

If you want to stay longer than a month, you can pay for a visa on arrival at the airport. It costs $35 and it’s valid for 30 days. Then you can extend this visa in Mataram by yourself or via an agency for another 30 days.

33Our experience:

We bought our visa on arrival at Bali airport. It was really fast and easy.

To get this visa, you need to show a flight out of Indonesia & you have to pay per cash: Euros, Dollars, Indonesian Rupiah… they take everything πŸ˜‰

If you don’t know when you will leave or where you want to go after Indonesia, you can buy a flight ticket on It’s a legit website that sells legit flight tickets. They will cancel it after 2 weeks. It costs $19.

To extend your visa in Lombok, you have 2 choices:

‏ ‏ You do it by yourself – you have to go twice (or maybe 3 times) to the immigration office in Mataram:

  • First time: Go early in the morning to avoid waiting too long. You’ll fill out a form, get your photos and fingerprints taken. You’ll pay 500,000 IDR (≃30€)
  • Second time: 2 or 3 days after (they will tell you when), you’ll have to go back to the immigration to pick up your passport.

It might happen that you would have to go 3 times to the immigration office in Mataram, because they can be too many people on your first day so they won’t take your fingerprints or picture.

‏ ‏ To avoid driving 2 or 3 times to Mataram, we did it with an agent:

We did it with Ramath. He came at our homestay, took our passports, a copy of our flight tickets out of Indonesia, and our profession. He filled out the form for us.

Then we met him at the immigration office in Mataram to get our photos & fingerprints taken. We paid 500,000 IDR (≃30€) per person. 3 days later, Ramath brought our passports to our place. We paid him 500,000 IDR (≃30€) each.

So in total, it costs 1,000,000 IDR (≃60€) per person.Β 

Contact us if you want his phone number.


To understand the difference between all the Indonesian visas, you can check this website out:

Good To Know

You can also apply for a 60 days visa in your home country or outside of Indonesia. Here is an article about how to get your 60-days Indonesian tourist visa in Singapore.

Where You Get (or won’t get) A Good Massage in Kuta

🌿  Matcha Spa

What a treat!

We went a few times to Matcha Spa. The place is beautifully decorated. They offer a glass of lemon water when you arrive and a ginger tea after your treatment.

It’s 190,000 IDR (≃11€) for the one-hour traditional massage with oil: it’s a really good massage! We definitely recommend this place.

They also offer a large variety of massages, treatments, and waxing. I did half legs and eyebrows waxing and paid 260,000 IDR (≃14,60€). I even got a little leg massage, it was perfect!

PS: You need to book your treatment in advance.


πŸ˜’Β  Tourist Spa 2

Matcha Spa was fully booked, so we tried “Tourist Spa 2” – super weird name, right?

We paid 85,000 IDR (≃4,80€) for one hour full body massage. It’s super cheap BUT… we both didn’t like our massages:

The beds are separated by curtains, which makes the room noisy.Β During our massages, the “therapists” spent their time chatting with each other… and they made the same movements all the time, it was boring and unpleasant.

In short, we didn’t like this place and we never looked back!

πŸ₯₯ Where to buy coconut oil?

I bought one bottle of coconut oil at Matcha Spa: 100,000 IDR (≃6€) for 260ml. They also sell many body creams and soaps.

The shop “My Essential” located next to the restaurant KRNK is also selling organic coconut oil and many more products such as massage oil, oil for hair, bamboo toothbrush, etc.

πŸ’‰ Where to Get A Bamboo Tattoo?

Adrian got a bamboo tattoo at Noa the Master of Bamboo Tattoo. Diar is the guy who draws and tattooed him. He really has great drawing and tattooing skills. Adrian is really happy about his new tattoo.

He paid 2,500,000 IDR (≃150€) for 4 hours of work.

‏ Tattoo Bamboo VS Machine

It takes longer to do a tattoo by Bamboo simply because it’s made by hand.

The Bamboo tattoo heals quicker than a tattoo done by a gun machine. 12 hours after you got your bamboo tattoo, you can swim and stay in the sun (a minimum of 15 days with a machine).Β 

We both have a bamboo tattoo and we found that it didn’t hurt at all.

Aftercare: Wash your tattoo with water (bottled water, don’t use tap water if you’re in Asia), and use coconut oil twice a day to keep it hydrated for 7 days. Easy.

Safety First:Β Before getting a tattoo, make sure the artist is using sterile material like ink, medical gloves, and new needles.


πŸ‘©β€πŸ³ Where to Take a Cooking Class in Lombok?

For my birthday, Adrian surprised me with a cooking class. First time for both of us πŸ™‚

We went to Ashtari. The restaurant offers a stunning view of Lombok. We had a delicious fruit juice as a welcome drink.Β We learned how to cook traditional Indonesian dishes: Gado Gado, Green Curry, Nasi Goreng, and Spring Rolls Coconut πŸ˜‹

Ashtari Lombok Whynotabroad23
Cooking class – Green Curry
Ashtari Lombok Whynotabroad25
Gado Gado – Nasi Goreng
Ashtari Lombok Whynotabroad24
The View

It was a super fun experience and the meals were delicious! The hour past super fast, we could have cooked longer but it was still a pleasant experience! We had so much food that we took away all the leftovers and enjoyed them for dinner.

We paid 275,000 IDR (≃16€) per person.

They offer 2 cooking classes per day: one at 1pm and one at 3pm. They send you the recipes afterward per email.

Where To Stay in Kuta?

β›±Β  Sekar Kuning Guesthouse

When we arrived in Lombok, we stayed 3 nights at Sekar Kuning Guesthouse.

Located in front of Kuta beach, Sekar Kuning is a quiet place. The staff is kind and welcoming.Β 

The bungalows are okay but there are really basic and old, especially the bathroom… The breakfast is also really basic, you only have 2 choices: pancakes or toasts with butter. It’s okay to stay there for a short term but we definitely wouldn’t have stayed longer.

We paid 257,000 IDRΒ  (≃15€) per night, for a room with AC. After visiting many other guesthouses, we realized it was pretty expensive comparing the value…Β 

🌴  Palm Green Homestay

We stayed for TWO months in Palm Green Homestay.

They have beautiful bungalows and rooms with outdoor & private showers, some rooms have a fridge – some don’t but you can always use the fridge and the kitchen from the common area. They also have a nice pool where it’s pleasant to swim, hang out, and train your slack-line skills!


Every morning, they make delicious breakfasts (pancakes, jaffle, eggs, oats, Mie Goreng…) served with fresh fruits and fresh juices. You can get coffee, tea, and water for free at any time of the day.

You can get soft drinks and fresh coconuts for only 10,000 IDR (≃0,60€).

breakfast palm green lombok whynotabroad

We really enjoyed our time here – it’s a good place to meet open-minded travelers.

TIP: it’s cheaper to book your room straight at the homestay than on Booking – but with Palm Green, the risk is it might be fully booked. Just grab your scooter and meet them!

πŸ„β€β™€οΈ Looking for A Surf School?

Well, we didn’t take surf classes but we can recommend you to choose Kura Kura Surf Camp!

The students from Kura Kura Surf Camp stayed at Palm Green Homestay.Β We met many students over there and we only heard good feedbacks: the teachers are amazing, the vibes are great, the students learned & improved a lot, they loved staying at Palm Green and many of them extended for a second week at Kura Kura Surf Camp!

I think it says a lot, doesn’t it?Β Click here to visit their website.

Lombok (2)

🌊 The Beaches around Kuta, Lombok

TIP: When you arrive on a beach with sun-beds, always ask if you can lay and use the sun-beds for free when you buy some drinks and/or eat something. If they ask you to pay for the bed, you could go to the next one.

‏ This won’t work for Mawun and Selong Belanak, which doesn’t mean that you can’t give it a try yourself πŸ™‚

❊ Kuta Beach ❊

Kuta Beach wasn’t our favorite beach… There are many (many many) sellers on the beach who try to sell you different kind of stuff, bracelets, sarongs, coconuts, magic mushrooms… You can’t relax and enjoy your time over there without having 10 people around you.

  • Free access


❊ Seger Beach (Pantai Putri Nyale) ❊

  • Entrance/Parking Fee: 10,000 RP (≃0,60€)

Seger beach is a pretty small beach. There are a few warungs on the beach where you can sit in the shade, eat and have some drinks.

The waves might be pretty big with strong currents but it’s still possible to swim.

Some Kids are selling bracelets on the beach but if you say no they won’t insist. A cute girl asks foreign coins to the tourists and then she exchanges them on another day with Rupiah – that’s a good trick πŸ˜‰

Seger beach is a beautiful spot to watch the sunset: on the top of the hill, right on the beach, or from the rooftop of Shipwreck Bar, the view is stunning.

Check out here the surf conditions at Seger beach.

Average Prices:

  • Fruit juice: 18,000 IDR (≃1€)
  • Coconut: 20,000 IDR (≃1,20€)
  • Small Beer: 30,000 IDR (≃1,70€)
  • Large Beer: 50,000 IDR (≃3€)
Seger Beach
Top of the Hill

❊ Seger Beach (long beach next to Pantai Putri Nyale) ❊

It’s an empty, quiet & beautiful beach. Free of charge.


❊ Tanjung Ann ❊

  • Entrance/Parking Fee: 10,000 RP (≃0,60€)

Tanjung Ann is our favorite beach near Kuta. Clear blue water, white sandy beach, it’s a little paradise.

There are many sellers on the beach but if you say no, they won’t insist. If you buy something, be ready to have another 10 people coming to join. It’s actually funny.

We ate in three different Warungs (Warung Surfer Beach, Warung Turtle, Cafe Warna) at Tanjung Ann. We always ate vegetarian Mie Goreng & Nasi goreng and we never enjoyed them! We should have eaten something different πŸ˜…

Average Prices:

  • Coconut: between 15,000 and 20,000 IDR (≃0,90 – 1,20€)
  • Soft drinks: 15,000 IDR (≃0,90€)
  • Vegetarian Mie/Nasi Goreng: 30,000 IDR (≃1,80€).
  • Sun-Bed: Free if you eat or drink

See here the surf conditions in Tanjung Ann.


❊ Gerupuk ❊

  • Entrance/Parking Fee: sorry we don’t know

The beach in Gerupuk isn’t the best for relaxing, it can be pretty dirty. But it’s a super good spot for surfing. Check here to find out about the surf conditions in Gerupuk.


❊ Are Guling Beach ❊

  • Entrance/Parking Fee: 5,000 RP (≃0,30€)

Are Guling is a beautiful beach, perfect for surfing, swimming, and relaxing. You will see many fishermen there. There are 3 or 4 warungs straight on the beach.

At “My Warung” we ate a Mie Goreng, a Nasi Goreng. With 2 drinks, we paid 70,000 IDR (≃4€). The food was good and the view is absolutely perfect.Β 

In this warung, they sell hammocks to participate in the education of the children of the village: financing of the school and awareness of the preservation of the planet, cleaning of the beaches, etc. A great initiative.

Read about the surf conditions in Are Guling here.


❊ Mawun Beach ❊

  • Entrance/Parking Fee: 10,000 RP (≃0,60€)

We went twice to Mawun Beach and we didn’t have the best experience.

The first time, when we arrived at Mawun Beach, we stopped at the first warung. They asked us 100,000 IDR (≃6€) to sit at their place, no negotiation possible. We walked away and went to the second warung and we paid 50,000 IDR (≃3€) for 2 sun-beds.

Many kids were insisting to sell us bracelets – they wouldn’t leave us alone. The beach was super dirty, we were swimming in the middle of the plastic πŸ₯΄Β So we left the beach and didn’t really enjoy our time over there.

We wanted to give a second chance to Mawun Beach and came back.

This time, we stayed at the third warung. After negotiation, we paid 20,000 IDR (≃1,20€) for 2 sun-beds. Unfortunately, the owner of the place wasn’t welcoming (at all). He tried to increase the bill of our neighbors and claimed to have no money to give them back… I pass all the details…Β  but we didn’t like his dishonest behavior, left and never came back.

We didn’t feel comfortable staying at Mawun beach, that’s too bad because the bay is super beautiful, and sometimes the waves get pretty big which is super fun to swim in.


❊ Pantai Tampah ❊

  • Entrance/Parking Fee: 10,000 RP (≃0,60€)

The quietest beach near Kuta. It’s a beautiful long beach where you can easily swim. The beach is pretty clean. Nobody is trying to sell you anything which is appreciable. You can enjoy a drink on the beds and relax. You can also rent snorkeling equipment and explore the underwater world of Pantai Tampah.

  • Nasi & Mie Goreng: 30,000 IDR (≃1,70€) per plate
  • Coconut: 10,000 or 15,000 IDR (≃0,60€ – 0,90€)
  • Small Bintang: 30,000 IDR (≃1,70€)


❊ Selong Belanak ❊

  • Entrance/Parking Fee: 10,000 RP (≃0,60€)

It’s a long white sand beach with clear blue water. Perfect beach for chilling & swimming.Β The bottom is only made of sand and the waves are soft. Selong Belanak is ideal for beginner surfers to practice taking off and standing.

Here you need to pay for the sun-beds. The guys said “different owners bed/warung”

  • 2 Sun-beds (for a day): 50,000 IDR (≃3€)
  • Surf Rental (for a day): 50,000 IDR (≃3€)
  • Coconut & Soft drinks: 15,000Β IDR (≃0,90€)


‏ ‏ Click here to see the beautiful beaches of Lombok on video!

πŸŒ… Where to watch the Sunset near Kuta?

❊ Seger Hill ❊

  • Entrance/Parking Fee: 10,000 IDR (≃0,60€)

Climb the hill to get a wonderful view over Seger & Kuta Beach. You can grab a drink in the warungs before beginning the climb.


❊ Seger Beach & Shipwreck Bar ❊

You can also see the sunset from Seger beach. You can choose to sit right on the beach or one of the warungs. At low tide, you’ll see many fishermen.Β  The colors from the sky reflect on the water,Β  beautiful 😍

We also enjoyed watching the sunset from the rooftop of the Shipwreck Bar. It’s a good spot to enjoy a drink with a beautiful view.

Shipwreck Lombok whynotabroad

❊ Bukit Merese ❊

  • Entrance/Parking Fee (Tanjun Ann): 10,000 IDR (≃0,60€)
  • Entrance/Parking Fee (Bukit Merese): 10,000 IDR (≃0,60€)

Bukit Merese offers a wonderful view of Tanjung Ann. You might see some cute monkeys over there.

You can choose to park at Tanjung Ann Beach and then you can walk on the hill (right side) or you can park at the bottom of the hill and climb up.

You can grab a drink in the parking or at the beach before climbing the hill.


πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ What To Do In Lombok Expect Surfing & Chilling At The Beach?

❊ Mana Retreat ❊

Watch a movie.

Every day, at 7:30pm, Mana organizes cinema nights. It’s 40,000 IDR (≃2,30€) per person, you’ll get a voucher (of this amount) to eat and/or drink something while watching the movie.

Find the program here on their website.

❊ Visit Sade Village ❊

According to our guide, theΒ SasakΒ are the native people of Lombok. They are about 700 people living in the village and they all come from the same family. They actually marry their cousins. As a tradition, the man has to kidnap his chosen bride. The following day, the man will ask the bride’s parents to marry their daughter.


Sade is also known for its weaving culture. The women weave using a traditional loom to make clothes like Ikat or Songket. There are made of cotton and colored with natural dyes from plants.


I tried the weaving technique – it’s definitely not easy and it was super cool to try it.

Originally, the villagers were mainly farmers, but since the tourism increased in Lombok, many men are now working as guides and the women are selling textiles, jewelry, and various souvenirs.

The traditional Sasak houses are called Bale Tani. There are 2 rooms in every house: the bottom part is the bedroom and the top part is the kitchen.Β The roofs are made of dry sedge grass to keep the house cooler.

The floor is made of clay and they periodically mopped the floor with cow dung, yes you read it correctly, with cow dung! πŸ’© Apparently, it’s keeping the mosquitos away. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen what happened when we visited the village.


This “high house” is the place where they store the rice, it’s called “lumbung”.
  • Sade Village is located 7 km north of Kuta.
  • We visited the village with a guide. We were 3 people and paid 50,000 IDR (≃3€) each.
  • If you want to buy any souvenirs in Sade, be strong in the bargain to get the best deal!

Even though this village looks pretty touristy, we really enjoyed our visit.

❊ Kuta Market ❊

On Wednesdays and Sundays, there is a local market Kuta (near Kuta beach).

❊ Trek at the Mount Rinjani ❊

For those who want to hike the majestic Mount Rinjani, the second-highest volcano in Indonesia (3726 Meters above sea level) – the volcano is generally open from the 1st of April till the 31st of December. Access to the volcano is not allowed during the rainy season (January to the end of March).Β 

We stayed in Lombok during the rainy season, so no volcano for us! Next time πŸ™‚


❊ Chasing Waterfalls ❊

Lombok has wonderful waterfalls that you can chase by hiking through the lush jungle.

Tiu Kelep & Sendang Gile Waterfalls are located in the town of Senaru in the North of Lombok.

At the bottom of Mount Rinjani is Benang Stokel where you can discover 5 beautiful waterfalls. It’s about 2 hours drive from Kuta.

To learn more about the waterfalls in Lombok, I invite you to read this article:Β


I hope this post is going to help you!

If you want to see more of Lombok watch this video by clicking here πŸ™‚

If you enjoyed it or if you know someone who will visit Lombok, make sure to share it! Thank you for reading! Lots of Love.

Where To Eat Well in Lombok? Click Here To See The List Of Our Favorite Restaurants in Kuta (with prices) πŸ˜‹

Amandine & Adrian @whynotabroad

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