There is a great variety of restaurants in Kuta, from local Warungs to fancy restaurants, you’ll find what you’re looking for. There are a few vegetarian choices and even some vegan & without gluten options.

Budget: We spent about 8€ per day for 2 people. We ate twice a day at the restaurant (for lunch & dinner). Our breakfast was included in our rent.

The prices may vary depending on the currency but it’ll give you a rough idea. You can always check the currency via xe.com

Local Restaurants & Local Prices

Warung Jawa Pemuda

First things first! This is our favorite warung in Kuta!  They have a really great variety of local dishes which are served as buffet – so you never have to wait – just help yourself and enjoy it! The food is always GOOD, you should try everything. That will leave your tummy full and happy 😉

The owners and the staff are really kind and very welcoming, we ate there nearly every lunch! For dinner, it’s better to come before 7pm if you want to have choices.

Average Prices: The prices depend on what you choose and the amount you take.

  • Vegetarian Plate: between 15,000 to 25,000 IDR (≃0,901,40€)
  • Plate with Meat, Seafood and/or Egg: between 25,000 IDR to 50,000 IDR (≃1,403€)
  • They have a variety of fresh fruit juice served with metal straws (love it): between 10,000 to 15,000 IDR (≃0,60– 0,90€)
  • They also give Free Water.

Find Warung Jawa Pamuda on Instagram, here on Google Maps or on MAPS.ME

Pemuda Lombok whynotabroadIMG_2034

Warung Jawa Duwa

It’s a small warung which serves good food as a buffet. They have fewer choices than in Pemuda but the food is tasty and cheap.

Average Prices:

  • Vegetarian Plate: 10,000 IDR (0,60€)
  • Meat Plate: 15,000 IDR (≃0,90€)

Warung Jawa Duwa is located (almost) in front of the Kuta Baru hotel.

Warung Flora

We went a few times to Warung Flora. We ate the vegetarian curry, the Nasi Goreng, the Mie Goreng (both vegetarian), and the grilled fish. Our friends ate beef rendang.

The vegetarian curry is good but I find that there are too many pieces of tofu & tempeh and not enough vegetables. 

The Nasi Goreng was good but the Mie Goreng was too sweet.

The grilled fish with the butter garlic sauce was amazing! Our friends also really enjoyed their beef.

The staff is kind & welcoming. The restaurant gets really crowded (because the food is good), so be ready to wait a while before getting your orders.


  • Vegetarian Curry, Nasi and Mie: 30,000 IDR (≃1,80€) per plate
  • Grilled Fish: 60,000 IDR (3,40€)
  • Beef Rendang: 55,000 IDR (3€)
  • Small Bintang: 25,000 IDR (1,40€)
  • Large Bintang: 40,000 IDR (2,30€)

See here the location, their Facebook page, and the reviews on TripAdvisor.

warung flora lombok whynotabroad
Fish, Beef & Green Curry

Warung Lalapan Santai

You’ll find this warung next to Warung Flora.

We had a really good dinner at Lalapan. The menu is so huge, it was hard to make a choice! We were 4 people, we all ate the local Sasak and the Indonesian food. They have a good variety of vegetarian dishes. 

Average Prices (I forgot to write down the exact names & prices):

  • Local fish with rice: 25,000 (≃1,40€)
  • Spring rolls: 30,000 (≃1,70€)
  • Fish with vegetables and coconut sauce: 50,000 (≃3€)
  • Yellow Curry (vegetarian): 35,000 (2€)
  • Large Bintang: 45,000 IDR (2,60€)

See here the location, and the reviews on TripAdvisor.

Fish with vegetables and coconut – Warung Lalapan

Ayam Gepuk & Pizza 

The first time we ate at Ayam Gepuk (I’m not sure about the name but we gonna call it like that), we waited A SUPER LONG time for simple vegetarian Nasi and Mie Goreng – and both were NOT good at all.

A friend of ours told us this warung is famous for its “Ayam Gepuk” (fried chicken with rice and chili sauce). We came back with her to try it. This time, we didn’t wait a long time to get served. My friends really enjoyed their diner, but personally, I didn’t enjoy the chicken (not much to eat on it) – but I really loved the peanuts/chili sauce.


  • Mie Goreng Vegetables: 18,000 IDR (1€)
  • Nasi Goreng Vegetables: 18,000 IDR
  • Ayam Gepuk: 25,000 IDR (1,50€)

This restaurant is located in front of Bus Bar.

ayam lombok whynotabroad
Ayam Gepuk (top), Nasi Goreng (left) & Mie Goreng (right)

Curry House

We were so happy when we saw there was an Indian restaurant in Kuta 😍

We ate a vegetarian masala and a chicken masala. The plates were huge served with vegetables, rice, and fried corn. The fried corn was delicious. The masala was also very good but it tasted like an Indonesian curry…

We also tried the Roti Canai with Dahl. Same as the masala, the roti was good but the Dahl didn’t have much taste. It wasn’t spicy at all.

We ordered garlic naan and plain naan. There was so less garlic on the naan that we didn’t really feel the difference between both naan – salt was also missing BUT the texture of the naan was perfect.

In the end, it was a “so-so balance”. we came out with a rather mixed opinion of the restaurant. The food was delicious but we did not feel the taste of Indian spices… We went there only once. Try it and let us know what you think about it!


  • Veggies Tikka Masala: 50,000 IDR (3€)
  • Chicken Tikka Masala: 60,000 IDR (≃3,60€)
  • Naan: 25,000 IDR (1,50€)
  • Roti with Dahl: 30,000 IDR (≃1,80€)

See here the location, their Facebook page, and the reviews on TripAdvisor.

menu curry house lombok whynotabroadcurry naan lombok whynotabroad

Early Bird Café

Be ready to wait a long time before getting served – BUT the food is really good!

We tried the Indonesian curry and the nasi goreng vegetables, we both loved our meals. Our friends ate the Gado Gado and they loved it as well.


  • Vegetarian Curry: 35,000 IDR (2€)
  • Nasi Goreng (veggies): 30,000 IDR (≃1,80€)
  • Gado-Gado: the price is missing on the menu but it should be around 30 to 35K
  • Soft Drinks: 15,000 IDR (≃0,90€)
  • Small Bintang: 30,000 IDR (≃1,80€)
  • Large Bintang: 40,000 IDR (2,30€)

Find here the location and the link to TripAdvisor.

Warung Kuta Beach 01

It’s a small warung located on the “main street Raya Kuta”. I couldn’t find the location, but you will recognize it by its big orange and white sign (see picture below). We ate one fried rice with egg & one fried fish with rice.

Even though the food was really good and super cheap, we only ate there once because they don’t have a variety of vegetables (only Cap Cay).


  • Fried Rice + Egg: 15,000 (≃0,90€)
  • Rice + Fried Fish: 18,000 (≃1€)
  • Rest of the menu: between 15,000 and 25,000 (≃0,90 – 1,50€)

kuta beach 01 Lombok whynotabroad

Warung Hasty Tasty

They have a simple menu. We ordered a vegetarian Nasi Goreng & Mie Goreng. We both preferred the Nasi than the Mie. We also had a good ginger tea.

  • Nasi Goreng (vegetables): 40,000 IDR (2,30€)
  • Mie Goreng (vegetables): 40,000 IDR
  • Ginger Tea: 15,000 IDR (≃0,90€)

See here the location and the reviews on TripAdvisor.

Lombok (5)

Shipwreck Bar (at Seger Beach)

Shipwreck Bar is a cool bar right on Seger beach. Have a sit on the roof-top, it’s a nice place to watch the sunset.

You can also arrange with them a dinner “barbecue on the beach”. We ate a delicious Mahi Mahi 🐟 (with yummy vegetables and tempeh).

The prices may vary depending on how many people you’re and the fish they catch, just ask them.

  • When we ate there, we paid 100,000 IDR (6€)  per person.
  • Small Bintang: 30,000 IDR (≃1,80€)
  • Large Bintang: 50,000 IDR (3€)

Find here the location and their Instagram account.

Shipwreck Lombok whynotabroad

Western Restaurants – Higher Prices

Sea Salt – Sea Food

We ate fresh fish at Sea Salt – you can choose between the catch of the day or 6 different kinds of fishes on the Menu. Then you choose your side & the sauce.

It was a really good dinner, we had a Mahi-Mahi with kangkung (water spinach) and pumpkin, eggplants & tomatoes. The chili green sauce with lime & the mayo with lime were super good.


  • Fish: about 80,000 IDR (≃4,60€) (the price may vary depending on the fish you choose)
  • Side: 30,000 IDR (≃1,80€)
  • Sauce: free
  • Small Bintang: 30,000 IDR (≃1,80€)
  • A glass of wine (white or red): 60,000 IDR (≃3,60€)

See here the location, their Facebook page, and the reviews on TripAdvisor.

fish sea salt lombok whynotabroad

Bus Bar

Bus Bar makes really good pizza, our favorite in Kuta. You can eat there from 6pm to 10pm.

They have a tasty vegan cheese made with cashews (which is really rare to find on the island).

From 6pm to 8pm, they have a Happy Hour on the cocktails: 35,000 IDR (2€) per cocktail. 

One advice, if you are more than 3 people, pay straight away what you ordered (drinks & food). The guys have some trouble to manage properly the orders. We had to pay more than what we ordered… this happened twice…


  • Pizza: from 60,000 to 75,000 IDR (≃3,50– 4,50€)

Find here the location, their Facebook page, their Instagram, and the link to TripAdvisor.

menu bus bar lombok whynotabroad

pizzas lombok bus bar whynotabroad
Pizzas Bus Bar

Riviera Lounge

We went to Riviera on a Thursday night. From 6pm to 8pm they have a nice offer: Two pizzas for one – same for the cocktails.

We were 6 people and ordered 3 different pizzas: four seasons, quattro formaggio, and salmon. The crust is really thin and the pizzas are super tasty but there are not many ingredients on the pizza… Maybe it’s because of the offer?

Even though we would have enjoyed having more vegetables and salmon, we did really enjoy our pizza.


  • four seasons (vegetarian pizza): 65,000 IDR (≃3,60€)
  • Salmon Pizza: 120,000 IDR (≃7€)
  • quattro formaggio pizza: 120,000 IDR

Find here the location, their Facebook page, and the link to TripAdvisor.

pizzas riviera lombok whynotabroad
Pizzas Riviera

Sapori – Italian Restaurant

We shared a tomato bruschetta. It was basically 2 slices of bread with pieces of tomatoes, basil, and olive oil – not a real bruschetta but the ingredients were still tasty.

We also tried their pizzas: vegetarian (Contadina) and one with beef salami (Diavola). We both enjoyed our pizzas.

They sell 2 sizes of pizzas: 28 and 33 cm. For us, 28cm is enough but it’s all depending on your hunger 😉

I also tried once the salmon pasta, and I CAN’T RECOMMEND YOU TO EAT THAT! There were 3 tiny pieces of salmon and the pasta was overcooked. It was a disaster. I had to say something to the staff. They apologized and said they will talk to the owner… Let’s see if they really change something, but for now – eat pasta at Milk Espresso, there are delicious.


  • Contadina (28cm): 60,000 IDR (≃3,5€)
  • Diavola (28cm): 70,000 IDR (4€)
  • Bruschetta: 45,000 IDR (≃2,50€)
  • Salmon pasta (not good at all!): 120,000 IDR (7€)
  • A large bottle of water: 20,000 IDR (1,20€)
  • Large Bintang: 40,000 IDR (2,40€)

See here the location, their Facebook page, and the reviews on TripAdvisor.

Sapori Lombok Whynotabroad
Pizzas & Bruschetta
Looking for the salmon!


Good Food & Good Vibes.

On Thursdays, it’s “burger and beer” for 70,000 IDR (4€). You have 3 options for the burgers: beef, chicken, and tempeh.

I loved the tempeh burger – black bread, with beetroot, cucumber, salad, tomato – super tasty served with a bunch of sweet potatoes fries.

My friends ate the beef & the chicken burger and they also enjoyed it.

On Sunday night they organize a barbecue – all you can eat for 30,000 IDR (≃1,80€) with sometimes live music – the food is super good.

They organize daily events, to find out what’s happening over there, check here their Instagram account @loka.lombok

See here their website,  the location, their Facebook page, and the reviews on TripAdvisor.

burger loka lombok whynotabroad
Tempeh Burger & Sweet Potatoe Fries

The Treehouse Juice and Booze

My favorite bar in Kuta. I love the terrasse of this bar, it’s so beautiful with the tree in the middle. Plus they always have music we love to listen to. 

Every day from 5pm to 8pm, it’s Happy Hour! 

They sell a large beer for 35,000 IDR (≃2€). The Bintang is not included in this offer, you need to go with a Kuda Putih, a Prost or an Angkor (also good beers).

Treehouse is as well selling fresh pita sandwiches: We ate one grilled veggies sandwich and one falafel sandwich, both with tzatziki sauce: and it was super good, especially the falafels! The French fries were also good.


  • Vegetable Sandwich + one sauce: 45,000 IDR (≃2,60€)
  • Falafel Sandwich + one sauce: 45,000 IDR 
  • Fries: 15,000 IDR (≃0,90€)
  • Beer (Happy Hour): 35,000 IDR (2€)

Find here the location, their Facebook page, and the link to TripAdvisor.

tree house lombok whynotabroad

Milk Espresso

We ate a few times at Milk. On Sunday night they have a good offer: Two pasta for one. We love that kind of offers 😉

We tried 5 kinds of pasta! 😋

  • Pasta with Feta, Pumpkin & Spinach,
  • Pasta with Olives & Bacon,
  • Pasta Creamy Chicken, 
  • Pasta Bolo,
  • Salmon Pasta.

We all agree that the pasta creamy chicken was way too dry. And our favorite was the Salmon Pasta and the Pasta with Feta, Pumpkin & Spinach: super tasty! 

Adrian also ate a beef burger, it’s served with good fries, he really loved it too. The buddha bowls are super good as well.

They also have a few vegetarian options – the burger looks super yummy! In short, everything is good at MILK 🙂 


  • Pasta: 90,000 IDR (≃5€) – so with the offer you get two pasta of your choice for this price.
  • Beef Burger (with fries): 90,000 IDR (≃5€)
  • Buddha bowls: 75,000 IDR (≃4,30€)
  • Large Bintang: 50,000 IDR (3€)

Milk organizes nearly daily live music. Check their Instagram account @milklombok for events and offers.

See here the location, their Facebook page, and the reviews on TripAdvisor.

milk lombok whynotabroad
Milk Espresso

El Bazar

El Bazar serves Moroccan & Mediterranean cuisine. Beautiful interior, friendly staff & good food. They have a few vegetarian options.

We ate a Vegetarian Mezze platter, a salad with falafel, and the chicken Tajine. Tasty houmous, good (but small) falafels, tender chicken: the dinner was excellent.


  • Mezze platter: 75,000 IDR (4,30€)
  • Falafel (large plate): 75,000 IDR
  • Chicken Tajine: 85,000 IDR (≃5€)
  • Small Bintang: 35,000 IDR (2€)

Find here their website, the location, their Facebook page, their Instagram account, and the link to TripAdvisor.

Mezze Platter
Chicken Tagine

Ohana Cafe

We ate twice at Ohana: the Salmon and the beef bagel. Sometimes, the bagels are served with a few fries and sometimes not 🤔 So just order a plate of fries! The French fries are homemade and delicious. The bread is crusty and tasty. We both really loved the bagels. 

They also make Poke Bowls, smoothie bowls, waffles, and more.

Quiet place & reliable WiFi if you need to work.


  • Bagel: 75,000 IDR (≃4,30€)
  • French Fries: 50,000 IDR (3€)
  • Large Bintang: 45,000 IDR (≃2,90€)

See here the location, their Facebook page, and the reviews on TripAdvisor.

ohana bagel lombok whynotabroad

KRNK Bar & Restaurant 

At KRNK we ate a meat burger and a vegetarian burger, both were good. The fries were also okay, but little thumb down for the sweet potatoes fries which were overcooked and tasteless. The burger isn’t served with fries, you need to order them separately.

Be aware that the music is super loud, it’s not the right place for a quiet dinner! Even though we enjoyed our burgers, we both prefer the ones from Milk & Loka.


  • Veggies Burger (zucchini, mozzarella): 50,000 IDR (3€)
  • Dirty Burger (with meat): 70,000 IDR (4€)
  • Sweet Potato Fries: 30,000 IDR (≃1,80€)
  • Parmesan Fries: 35,000 IDR (≃1,90€)

Find here their website, the location, and the link to TripAdvisor.

krnk lombok whynotabroad
Veggie Burger & Beef Burger


We went to Ashtari for a cooking class. We learned how to cook traditional Indonesian dishes: Gado Gado, Green Curry, Nasi Goreng, and Spring Rolls Coconut. It was the best Green Curry & Gado Gado we ate in Lombok. 

The restaurant offers a stunning view of Lombok, it’s a nice place to have a drink and eat. On Fridays, from 5pm to 9pm, they organize a “cheese & wine” evening with Live Music.


  • Cooking Class: 275,000 IDR (≃16€)
  • Nasi Goreng Vegetarian: 55,000 (≃3€)
  • Green Curry: 80,000 (≃4,50€)
  • Grilled Fish: 130,000 (≃7,50€)

See here their website, the location, and the reviews on TripAdvisor.

Ashtari Lombok Whynotabroad23
Cooking class & Green Curry
Ashtari Lombok Whynotabroad25
Gado Gado & Nasi Goreng
Ashtari Lombok Whynotabroad24
The View

The Patio

The Patio serves a great variety of tapas and pasta dishes.

We tried the Cheese Samosas (with Feta) and the Beef Tataki: both were super good and a big thumb up for the beef’s marinade = Super tasty!

Adrian ate the spaghettis carbonara and I ate the chili shrimps tagliatelle: a good success with pasta al dente as we like them! 😋

PS: If you want to try a beer a bit different than the Bintang, they have the IPA (Indonesian Pale Ale) made in Bali, pretty good 👍


  • Tapas (depending on what you choose): from 20,000 IDR to 90,000 IDR (1,20 – 5,50€) 
  • Pastas: from 80,000 IDR to 100,000 IDR (≃4,80€ – 6€)

Find here the location, their Facebook page, their Instagram, and the link to TripAdvisor.

the patio lombok whynotabroad


Terra is selling vegetarian, vegan & gluten-free food. We didn’t try the food but we got some delicious fresh juices for 45,000 IDR (≃3€). 

Terra is a quiet place & they have a reliable WiFi. 

Find here their website, the location, their Facebook page, and the link to TripAdvisor.

terra lombok whynotabroad

The Breakery

I am happy to inform you that there is a French bakery in Kuta 😁 You will find fresh baguettes, chocolate rolls, croissants, sandwiches, pastries, and different kinds of coffees. YUMMY 😋

The bakery is located next to Tourist Spa 2 (see location here) and the TripAdvisor link.

Where To Party in Lombok?

These bars are organizing parties every week. People will give you flyers to let you know when and where the parties take place. 

Surfers Bar – (usually) every Friday

Rasta Beach Bar – mainly on Tuesday and/or Saturday

Bus Bar – mainly on Wednesday and/or Saturday

Shipwreck Bar (at Seger Beach) – Sometimes, you need to check their Instagram.

bus bar whynotabroad lombok
Bus Bar

What to do in Lombok? What’s the most beautiful beach? Where To get a Good Massage? Everything you need to know about Lombok is HERE!

Thanks for reading, Lots of Love,

Amandine & Adrian @whynotabroad



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