If you travel on a budget, and love local food, THIS BLOG POST IS FOR YOU!

We stayed nearly 4 months in Pantai Cenang, Langkawi. We tried to spend RM 10 (2,10€) per person and per meal. It’s not always easy to find a cheap and good place here on this island.

SO – here is a list of a few restaurants we have been at. Prices, locations, opinion, and no BS!

But first a bit of vocabulary! It’s gonna be helpful!

malay words



We’ve found our favorite local restaurant! Amani Cafetaria serves Malay cuisine on a buffet. It’s open for breakfast and lunch (they close in the late afternoon). We eat at Amani Cafe nearly every day for lunch! With 2 FULL plates, we never paid more than RM 20 (4,20€).

The meals are always well-prepared, you have a variety of dishes (fish, chicken, veggies, seafood, rice, noodles…). It is really delicious! I reckon it’s not the right place for vegetarian, and definitely not for vegan people.

The only thing I don’t like here – but like everywhere else in Malaysia so far – are the noddles.

Amani Cafetaria is a local restaurant as we like them!

Find the location here, their Facebook page, and the TripAdvisor profile here.


Warung Pak Tam Corner is also one of our favorite restaurants in Pantai Cenang. We eat here a few times a week (for dinner).

We tried plenty of meals here and our favorites are:

  • Ayam Kicap (Soy sauce chicken) – RM 9 (≃1,90€), 
  • Ayam Goreng Kunyit (chicken turmeric – make sure to ask for a small bowl of chili sauce) – RM 9, 
  • Kangkung Belacan (spicy water spinach with chilies and shrimp paste) – RM 8 (≃1,70€).

One meal we didn’t enjoy so much is the Mie Goreng RM 6 (≃1,20€). It’s basically noodles with 3 tiny pieces of vegetables – the taste isn’t the best.

Mee Goreng

We also really enjoyed:

  • Ayam Merak (Red chicken) – RM 9 (≃1,90€)
  • Ayam Paprik – RM 9 
  • Ayam Chili – RM 9 ➢ it’s spicy 🌶 
  • Nasi Paprik Udang (Prawn) – RM 9

We do recommend you to eat at Warung Pak Tam Corner!

Ps: They close on Thursday nights – that’s when the night market in Pantai Cenang happens.

Find the location here and the google pictures here.


Small local restaurant located between Amani Cafe and Rainbow Lodge Hostel.

A simple menu, low prices, and good food.

We ate one Nasi Ayam Goreng (fried rice with vegetables and chicken) and one Paprik (chicken, vegetables, rice). Both meals were really tasty.

Price for this dinner: 16 RM ( 3,30 €). Easy!

Find Cafe Keladi here on Google Maps.


Restoran Nelayan is a local restaurant. We ate there twice so far. You won’t see many tourists there. The food is amazing! We do recommend you to try Masak Kunyit (chicken turmeric) and Masak Berempah Kari (Crab with curry powder), a delight!

You can find many dishes for less than RM 10 (≃2,10€).

Ayam Lada Hitam – Ayam Masak Kunyit – Ayam Paprik

Be aware that the price of the fishes and crabs vary, depending on the weight.

If you read RM 6 for the fish – it’s always the price for 100g. So average weight I probably would say 300g to 400g. So It’s gonna be RM 18 – RM 24 (3,70€ – 5€) for the fish.

We didn’t enjoy the Lada Hitam (black pepper chicken), the taste was too strong and the chicken had bones and fat… not the best…

Location: Strait of Malaca, Sungai Chenang – in the area of Hostel 19. Find the map here.


Nasi Kandar Tomato is serving Asian, Indian and Malaysian dishes. It’s open 24 hours! We ate there many times and we always paid between RM 25 (5,30€) and RM 30 (6,30€).

What we tried:

  • Garlic Naan – RM 4 (≃0,80€)
  • Rice – RM 1 (≃0,20€)
  • Large Chicken Butter Tikka Masala – RM 15 (≃3,10€)
  • Chicken Tandoori – RM 8 (≃1,70€)
  • Chicken Tika – RM 9 (≃1,90€)
  • Alu Meity Masala (cooked potatoes) – RM 5,50 (≃1,10€)
Nasi Kandar Tomato, Indian Menu

We didn’t enjoy so much the chicken butter tikka masala – the sauce wasn’t the best, especially if you compare it to the Masala in Penang…

But all the rest was REALLY GOOD!

Find the location here, and their TripAdvisor profile here.


Bella Restaurant is serving Malay Food, for less than RM 10. It’s open for breakfast and lunch.

We ate there once for lunch and ordered:

  • Nasi Ayam – RM 6 (≃ 1,20 €)
  • Fried Yellow Noodles with Vegetables – RM 5,50 (≃ 1,10 €)
  • Roti Canai – Delicious Breakfast – RM 1 (≃ 0,20 €)per roti

Both meals were good – but do not hesitate to ask for more veggies with the noodles – since it’s RM 5,50 just pay a bit more and you got a full plate!

See the location of BELLA RESTAURANT here.


At lunchtime, this Warung offers Malay Food as a buffet – really good meals, well-prepared, and it’s really cheap! For these two plates (see picture below), we only paid RM 11 (2,30€). Easy!



Location: Find this restaurant along Jalan Bohor Tempoyak (between Citi Nasi Campur and the hostel Vila Thai), see map here.


For breakfast, this restaurant is selling really good Roti Canai. Love it! At lunchtime, they also offer Malay food as a buffet. But we didn’t eat there yet.


See the location of CITI NASI CAMPUR here. (That’s the location of the supermarket which is next to it).


Really good local restaurant! And really cheap! We both ate Ayam Chicken Paprik + Egg for Adrian, and we only paid RM 11 (2,30€).

They also sell delicious samosas, kinda spring rolls, sweets made with sweet potatoes, donuts… Love it!

Location: This restaurant is not in Pantai Cenang. It’s located on the main street between Seven Wells Waterfall and the Crocodile Farm, see map here.

THAI SEAFOOD – Street food

We stopped at this street food place for lunch. We ate Phat Phet Rice (Rice with chicken, veggies, spicy) – RM 10 (2,10€) and Tomyam Fried Rice (with seafood) – RM 10.

Both meals were really tasty, and the amount was correct.

That’s a good place!

Location: Pantai Cenang. I don’t have the exact location but it was in the area of  Underwater World.


We both ate Beef Burger with Fries – RM 30 (≃6,30€) – Pretty good burger with fresh beef and the portion of fries was really huge.

Scuba Cafe By Dar Yasmine

They are located at the beach Pantai Cenang, next to Kalut Cafe N Bar (See Map Here). Find the Instagram account of Scuba Cafe here.


We ate at Warung Che Zah twice so far. They serve Malay cuisine. We tried from the buffet:

  • one plate with rice, fish, and vegetables – RM 7 (≃1,50€)
  • one plate with rice, chicken and one shrimp – RM 9 (≃1,90€)
  • We also ate the Mie Goreng – RM 7

Everything was good, even though the noddles are not comparable to Thailand!

Find the location here and the google pictures.


The Chicken Shawarma is really good, the best we tried in Langkawi. It’s also bigger than most of the other restaurants who sell Shawarma here in Cenang.

The falafel sandwich is also good, maybe not tasty enough for me. I liked the hummus inside though.

Be aware, that everywhere in Cenang, the Shawarma wraps are pretty small. Some restaurants offer Shawarma for as little as RM 6-8 and that’s how little you gonna get in the end.


  • Falafel Sandwich – RM 10 (≃2,10€)
  • Chicken Shawarma Sandwich – RM 10

Find the location here, and their TripAdvisor profile here.



We ate twice at the Bunga Cenang restaurant so far. Although the dishes were good, the first time was not a big success because we had to wait nearly one hour before getting our order!

The second time, we waited less than half an hour (perfect) and our meals were good, especially the Garlic Naan 😋


  • Nasi Goreng Paprik RM 8 + egg RM 1,50
  • Sayur Campur RM 5 + Rice RM 2
  • Ayam Kunyit RM 7
  • Ayam Paprik RM 7
  • Garlic Naan RM 6

Find the location here and their TripAdvisor profile here.


We ate a few times the Shawarma – RM 8 (≃1.70 € per wrap) at Damascus Cafe. They are good but we definitely prefer the Shawarma from “Lebanon Shawarma Kebab”. There are bigger and tastier 😋

Damascus Cafe

They also sell a tiny Shawarma for 6 RM (≃ 1.26 €) if you just want to give it a try 😉

Find the location here and their TripAdvisor profile.


We ate 3 times at the Bunga Cenang restaurant so far. The first time was not a big success because we had to wait nearly one hour before getting our order!

The second time, we waited less than half an hour (perfect) and our meals were really good, especially the Garlic Naan 😋

And the third time, we were 4 people eating together, and only one enjoyed her meal 😕


  • Nasi Goreng Paprik RM 8 + egg RM 1,50
  • Sayur Campur RM 5 + Rice RM 2
  • Ayam Kunyit RM 7
  • Ayam Paprik RM 7
  • Garlic Naan RM 6

Find the location here and their TripAdvisor profile here.


This is the first restaurant we ate in Langkawi. We didn’t know where to go and what to expect. Only 2 people were sitting in a restaurant.  The food was pretty good, especially the Green Curry.


We ordered:

  • Chicken Green Curry – RM 10 (≃2,10€)
  • Fried Chicken with black pepper – RM 10
  • Rice*2 – RM 4 (≃0,80€)
Chicken Black Pepper & Green Curry

They also make Roti Canai in the morning – As a French person, I’d call it the local “crêpes” – I don’t recommend you to eat Roti Canai here though – the restaurant next door is making better ones!

Find the restaurant on Google Maps HERE.


At first, the food was looking really good, but we were actually disappointed by the taste. Sauce, chicken, vegetables: No flavor! Unfortunately, we won’t come back!

We tried:

  • Ayam Goreng Sambal (spicy chicken) – RM 7
  • Ayam Goreng Kunyit (Fried chicken turmeric) – RM 7
  • Sayur Campur (mixed vegetables) – usually RM 5 but we had to pay RM 8 for the vegetables (no English so it was hard to ask why).
  • Nasi (rice) – RM 3 for 2 portions
  • Total: RM 25 (≃5,20€)

Find their Facebook page here, the location, and their TripAdvisor Profile here.


We ate at Warung Janggus twice so far. Once for lunch, once for dinner. At lunchtime, the food is served as a buffet. The prices depend on what you choose. For example, one portion of rice is RM 1,50, 1 piece of eggplant is RM 2, chicken RM 4, and fish RM 6.

So we ate:

  • one plate with Rice, Eggplants, Mixed Veggies – RM 7 (≃1,50€)
  • one with Rice and Fish – RM 7,50 

Even though everything was cold, the food was tasty! 

For dinner, you can choose your meals on the menu.

We ordered:

  • Telur Bungkus (Wrapped Egg with chicken sweet and sour) – RM 10 
  • Kangkung Belacan (spicy water spinach) – RM 7
  • White Rice –  RM 1,5 
  • One small bottle of Coke without a STRAW – RM 3,5 
  • Total: RM 22 (≃4,60€)

This time, we were (really) disappointed, both meals were good but the amount was ridiculously small! We don’t want to come back for dinner.

Location: Main Street of Pantai Cenang – more information coming soon

LAKSA PULAU – Street Food

We ate one Nasi Goreng Biasa (chicken): RM 6 (≃1,20€), and a seafood plate, you choose on a buffet what you want and they cut and mixed everything in one plate – usually, they put plenty of sauce on the top but we asked to get the sauce on the side just in case.

It was pretty interesting to try that – like locals – The sauce is a bit sweet and spicy at the same time, it was a bit weird, even though it was fitting pretty good with the seafood – RM 13 (2,70€).

LAKSA PULAU is located next to the airport and along the beach. The location is nice, especially if you get a table on the beach. See the map here.



We only ate the Shawarma Chicken at Yasmin Restaurant because the rest of the menu exceeded our budget 😅 For 2 Shawarma Chicken, we paid RM 20 (4,20€) – The wraps are really SMALL and the white sauce was, unfortunately, tasteless – Sorry but we won’t come back.

PS: We find the Shawarma better at LEBANON SHAWARMA KEBAB. 

Find the location heretheir TripAdvisor profile here, and their Facebook page here.


Almaz Restaurant is selling Malay and Indian food. It’s open 24 hours. We ate two SET 3 which include:

  • Garlic Naan
  • Tandoori Chicken
  • Coke without straw

Price for the set: RM 15,50 (3,20€)

The naan was good but really small… The chicken wasn’t tasty and cooked enough… So the guesthouse cats finished our plates afterward… Not sure if we gonna eat Indian Food at this place again.

We do come back to get Roti Canai for breakfast during the weekend! Love these crêpes!

Find the location here and their TripAdvisor profile.


At Hyderabadi Biryani Restaurant we shared:

  • a large plate of Chicken Tikka Masala RM 22,90
  • a plate of rice RM 5,90
  • And we both ate a Garlic Naan RM 5,50
  • Total RM 39,80 (≃8,40€)

The bread and the rice were good but we were both really disappointed by the chicken: big pieces with bones and fat…not much to eat on it. And the sauce didn’t taste like a real Masala!

So we definitely won’t come back!

Find the location here and their TripAdvisor profile.



After several months in Asia, sometimes you just need to eat European food, right?

And one of the meals I miss the most from my beautiful Brittany (France) is our delicious crepes (or galettes as some call them)!

I never ate good crepes outside of France (or even Brittany) but I just couldn’t resist this time to try it! So, we went to eat at Breizh Up, the “crêperie of Langkawi” and it was a nice surprise. The couple who’s running the restaurant is very welcoming.


The menu is slightly different from the traditional crêperies, but the crepes are good 😋

We had 2 crepes each (1 salty one and 1 sweet one), and we paid 66 RM (14 €) – without drinks.

So- we recommend you eating at Breizh Up and try their crepes!

Find Breizh Up’s location here, their Facebook page & TripAdvisor

KASBAH, The Travelers Cafe

The Kasbah is a beautiful restaurant + guesthouse located in Cenang (more inland). The place is really relaxed, the music is great with a backpacker’s place kinda vibe.

They serve cocktails, wine & beers.

Eating in a restaurant and having a glass of wine with the food is so appreciable 😉 little pleasure.

We ordered a plate of hummus and falafels as a starter. One Phat Boy Burger (with beef & cheese) and one Veggie Burger.

The staff is really kind, attentive to our needs – and the service was almost perfect 😉

Why almost? Because I asked the hummus “as a starter” and they served the 3 meals altogether. So one TIP ask clearly that you want the starter before the main dishes and it’s gonna be perfect 😉


About the food:

The hummus wasn’t a “real” hummus. It was certainly freshly made but it was tasting more like chickpeas & cream cheese than a real hummus.

The falafels and the veggie burger were well-cooked – but – we are so used to eat spicy/hot food now, that we found the falafel & the patties tasteless, the spiciness was missing. Unfortunately, Adrian’s meat was overcooked.

The salad served with falafel & hummus, and the potato wedges served with the burger were great.

SO – mixed results for this dinner: I don’t think we will eat there again, especially because of the price, we paid 84 RM ( 18 €)  for this complete feast – and our daily budget is 20 RM max per meal 😅 But we definitely love the atmosphere of the restaurant, and enjoyed the wine.

An awesome thing about Kasbah is that they don’t have single-use plastic – which is AMAZING – it’s still really really rare here in Malaysia. Thank you for this initiative! 👏

They are open daily from 9am till 11pm.

Find here the location, their Facebook & TripAdvisor.


You can find daily night markets all around Langkawi. Be aware that in Pantai Cenang, it closed around 9pm, we missed it two weeks in a row!

So, after nearly 3 weeks in Langkawi, we finally headed to the night market in Pantai Cenang!

We took Mie Goreng – RM 2 (≃0,40€) per portion – I’m definitely NOT a fan of the noodles in Malaysia – I need to stop trying them, it’s never a success!

We also tried some wraps, RM 5 (≃1€) per wrap – there were looking good – with chicken and a few colorful sauces – this was not a good idea – they both landed in the rubbish bin! Weird taste, with way too many sauces and kinda plastic cheese! Never again! Even the street cats didn’t want to try.

We bought a Roti with chicken, the taste was ok but nothing special.

Roti chicken
Roti chicken

And we also took some chicken Satay, 10 sticks for RM 5 (≃1€). On every stick, there are 2 good pieces of chicken and one is just FAT… not the best!

SO – our first-night market wasn’t a real success! Even though it was really nice to walk over there. We didn’t choose the right stuff but still can’t wait to be next Thursday to try different local food again!

So – the second time, we ate plenty of different samosas – always really good and tasty, and some yellow rice with chicken. Basic meal but really good! They also sell really good donuts! 😋

  • Temonyong night market in Pantai Cenang is on Thursday. See location here.
  • On Sunday, the night market is located in near the airport. See location here.
  • Find the other night markets in Langkawi HERE.

Have you ever been to Langkawi? Do you have anything to add to this post?

Lots of Love, Amandine

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  1. very detailed reviews of MANY restaurants that maybe Malaysians didn’t know too! thanks for the honest review!


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