Are you heading to Koh Tao? Or thinking of spending some time there? 

You might ask yourself, which beaches are the most beautiful?

Which one is the best for snorkeling, relaxing, or sunbathing? This post is going to answer all your questions!

Beaches of Koh Tao

Sairee Beach

Sairee Beach is the main beach on Koh Tao. There are plenty of bars along Sairee Beach, it’s a good spot to have some drinks and fruit shakes while enjoying the sunset.

Sairee Beach
Sairee Beach

My favorite part of Sairee beach for sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling, is at the end of the beach on the Sai Ree side (near Palm Leaf Resort).

Be aware that the water level can be pretty low (especially in the morning), so it’s not really easy to swim. You can do a “fast-walk” through the water – good training for your legs 😉

We also really enjoyed walking on the sand early in the mornings. From one side to another, it takes around 15 minutes. And if you want to do something good, ask for some rubbish bags at the bars and grab all the plastic you can find, and trust me you gonna find some 😕


Chalok Baan Kao Bay

Chalok Baan Kao Bay is a stunning beach! You can swim, sunbathe, have a drink (there is a bar with a pool), and observe some babies turtles.

Chalok Beach

As a part of a turtle conservation project, the New Heaven Dive School is taking good care of the baby turtles they find (because over the years, the number of turtles is declining).

They keep the babies for one year in simulated natural conditions to reduce the mortality of juvenile turtles.

Good Job Guys 👏


Freedom Beach

Freedom beach is located down at the John-Suwan viewpoint. The beach is really cute! There are trees everywhere coming out of the sandy ground, you can relax in the shade and enjoy the clear turquoise water.

Perfect beach for relaxing 😌


Freedom Beach
Freedom Beach

Taa To Bay

This beach is located close to Freedom Beach. It is a small and beautiful beach.

Over there you can find the softest sand in whole Koh Tao!

There is also a beach-volleyball net if you want to play around!


Taa To Bay
Taa To Bay
Taa To Bay

Haad Tien Beach, Shark Bay

With the turquoise clear water, Shark Bay is a must-see.

All along the beach are trees so you can relax in the shade. Shark Bay is not really the best spot if you want to see colorful corals, but if you are luckier than us, and a good swimmer too, you can see some baby sharks!


Haad Tien Beach
Haad Tien Beach

Aow Leuk Bay

Let’s start with the bad point of Aow Leuk Bay… you need to pay a fee of 100 THB (per person) just to access this beach.

Honestly, I find it a bit too much.

Aow Leuk Bay
Aow Leuk Bay

On both sides of the bay, you can explore the colorful coral reef and plenty of fishes.

So hopefully, we need to pay to avoid getting too many people on that little beach and to save the environment.

So, yes, Aow Leuk Bay is gorgeous! It’s perfect for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing & having a drink. The prices for drinks are ok btw and you can get some good coconut’s over there.

100 THB

Tanote Bay

Tanote Bay is a pretty nice beach for snorkeling. You gonna see a great variety of coral and fishes (snorkeling is better here than at Sairee Beach).

There is also this huge rock from which you can jump into the water. It’s probably around 10 meters high.

That day we both were not adventurous enough to give it a try, but we have seen a few people doing it! It looks like BIG fun!

tanote bayP1070693
Tanote Bay
tanote bayP1070695
Tanote Bay

I do recommend coming here in the morning, or in the early afternoon because of the location. You won’t have any direct sun at Tanote Bay after 5:00pm.

Tanote Bay is a perfect place to watch the sunrise though!


Hin Wong Bay (Mo’s)

The way to this beach with a scooter is pretty funny, the street is so steep!


Luckily the street is now renewed on Koh Tao, so it’s easier to drive up the hill.

It’s still freaking scary the first time!

Hin Wong Bay
Hin Wong Bay

The beach is small but really beautiful. Unfortunately, we didn’t snorkel here but we heard that it’s a REALLY nice snorkel spot!

Same as at Tanote Bay, if you want to enjoy a sunbath on this beach, come before 4pm.


Should You Bring Your Snorkeling Equipment When Travelling To Thailand?

If you come FOR A LONG TERM and like snorkeling, or you are thinking about getting into diving, my first answer is YES, bring it!

You can buy your snorkeling gear also here but the prices are higher on the islands than in Europe.

Count a minimum of 150 THB (4€) to rent your equipment per day, and 1500 THB (40€) to buy a basic set.

We have found a place to buy one snorkel set for 250 THB (6,5€) = SHIT quality though!

➾ Which beach is your favorite on Koh Tao?

Lots of Love, Amandine

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