As you might know, we are always traveling on a budget!

This time, we decided to explore South East Asia in slow mode, and we started our journey in The Land Of Smiles, Thailand.

We stayed nearly three months on a paradise island: KOH TAO. Too bad that we couldn’t stay any longer #visasarewaytooshort

On Koh Tao, you can find all the food that you might think of, but it can get quite pricey…

We love Tasty, Fresh and Cheap Thai Food!

Here are all the recommendations we want to share with you. From the best to the worse places we tried, you gonna find your winner 😃

Good To Know: Our average budget per meal is 140 to 200 THB (3,5€ – 5€) for 2 people.


Bingo rev 2.0

Since we discovered Bingo restaurant, we eat there REALLY often! The food is delicious, the service is great and the owner is lovely.

Everything we ate at Bingo was perfect! The prices are cheap, it’s about 70 – 80 THB per meal. We recommend you to try the curry, the noodle soup, and the fried basil leaf chicken with rice. So Yummy!

They have a big variety of Thai dishes and Western food.

Ps: they don’t have free water for customers.

Find the location here on Google Maps, their Facebook page, and their TripAdvisor profile.

Babo Sushi

Babo Sushi is offering a great variety of Thai dishes. We can not count how many times we ate there!

Babo sushi

Everything we ate at Babo was just amazing! The prices start at 60 THB (till 300 THB – 1,5€ – 8€). Obviously, Babo Sushi is also selling sushi, and good chicken burgers if you need “a break” with the Thai food 😉

Adrian tried beef & cheeseburger, and I ate the spicy chicken. Both were good and tasty, but the chicken burger was the best!

We paid 150 THB (4 €) per burger with fries (they also do happy hour on the burgers if you eat there between 4pm and 8pm – it’s 90 THB – 2,40 €). If you love fries as much as we do, order one more plate (ad 50 THB – 1,40 €) 😉

We also recommend you to try the Fried basil leaf with chicken and rice (80 THB – 2€), the chicken Yakitori (70THB – 1,8€)  and the fried yellow noodles with vegetables and chicken (70THB). 😋

They even offer FREE cold drinking water, FREE soup & FREE Ice Cream.

It’s really good value for your money.

Thank You Babo 😃

Find their TripAdvisor Profile HERE, and the location HERE!

Mama Piyawan

Mama Piyawan is a traditional Thai restaurant. It’s a simple place that serves REALLY well-cooked Thai Food.

Mama Piyawan

The Dishes are sold between 60 and 80 THB (1,5 – 2€).

My favorite meal is the vegetables cooked in oyster sauce (60 THB)! OMG Just Delicious!

The green curry is also delicious (60 THB) 😋 + add some rice for 20 THB (or 30 THB for a huge portion).

Adrian really enjoyed (A LOT!), the Deep Fried chicken on rice 🍚 (60THB)

We do recommend to eat at Mama’s!

PS: The FRESH pineapple fruit shake for just 40 THB is a no-brainer! TRY IT!

They do not serve free drinking water, so bring your own bottle of water if you want.

This restaurant is not listed on TripAdvisor. It has a Facebook page, find the link here.

Click here to find Mama Piyawan on Google Map.


Samosa is located in front of Babo Sushi. Thai Food is good, and the plates are really BIG! So if you are really hungry, eat at Samosa 😉


All the dishes are sold between 80 and 150 THB (2€ – 4€).

Free cold drinking water is available for customers, love it! 👏

We do recommend the noodle soup, it’s a HUGE bowl! YUMMY!

Find their TripAdvisor Profile here, and the location HERE.

Lanta Thai Food

We ate once at Lanta Thai Food so far. The service was really long even though we were 5 people in the restaurant. BUT the food was good. We ordered some spring rolls, one jungle chicken and one fried basil leaf chicken.

Price total for this dinner: 250 THB (6,80€)

Good price and good food, we recommend it, if you have time 😉

They have free drinkable water for customers.

Find the location here on Google Maps, and their TripAdvisor profile.

995 Duck

We went to 995 Duck after reading the reviews on TripAdvisor. The restaurant is located next to Mama Piyawan.

We both tried the fried duck with rice and bean sauce and paid 140 THB (3,70€) in total.

The duck was really good cooked with no fat, but it was not really tasty either.

The amount was also too light for us! So if you are hungry take the plate for 90 THB (instead of 70THB).

Find their TripAdvisor Profile here, and the location HERE.


Yang Thai Food Restaurant

We stopped at Yang restaurant without any recommendations or reading any reviews,  and it was a really nice surprise! Now, we eat at Yang a few times a week.

Yang Restaurant

You can get a good chicken schnitzel with fries for 100 THB (2,6€), a good spicy chicken burger for 50 THB (1,30€)! All the curry dishes are amazing (80 THB – 2€). I also recommend you to try the morning glory with tofu and cashew nuts (80 THB).

The prices are really fair, Adrian’s plate was huge!

They also have free cold drinking water for customers, just perfect!

Find their TripAdvisor Profile HERE, and the location HERE.

Bam Bam

We headed to Bam Bam Restaurant after reading some reviews online. We have to admit this was a good idea!

Bam Bam

Adrian had fried chicken with cooked potatoes (100 THB – 2,6€) and I chose mashed potatoes with tuna (90 THB – 2,3€).

To be really honest, Adrian’s food wasn’t enough seasoned, but still, it was good and fresh! For me – the tuna was really tasty, I really enjoyed it!

We also tried the Yellow Noodles with vegetables and chicken: a perfect taste for 70 THB (1,8€)! On the other hand, the fried rice (70 THB) was not the best, the chicken wasn’t tasty either and the meal was full of “almost raw” onions, not a success.

We do recommend you to eat the Burgers and fries at Bam Bam! So Yummy! The fries are handmade, and the burgers are really good! Easy! Price: 100 THB (2,70€) per burger with fries.

Burger with salad 😃

Bam Bam is serving Thai food, European food (burgers, pasta…), there are plenty of choices for everyone.

Free drinking water available for costumers 👌

Find their TripAdvisor Profile here, and the location HERE.


Pizza Da Lorenzo Koh Tao

We spoiled ourselves and went to eat PIZZA (a few times)!  The pizza is huge and really delicious! 😋 We tried the “Phet Maak Maak”, the “Vegetariano”, the “Zolamino” and the “4 Stagioni”. They are all really tasty.

Price: between 280 to 320 THB (7-9€) per pizza. 

You easily can share them.

The owner and his staff are great people. We really recommend you to eat at Pizza Da Lorenzo!

One thing to know: when you arrive at Lorenzo order straight away at the counter and pay. Then they will bring you your order.

Find the location of Pizza Da Lorenzo here, their Facebook page and TripAdvisor profile.

Cafe Del Sol

After the storm in January, we didn’t have electricity for 2 days in our bungalow, we weren’t able to make our own breakfast – So, we headed to Cafe Del Sol. We both ate a French Breakfast with baguette, cafe and orange juice AND eggs, and a croissant! Such a huge breakfast!

Cafe Del Sol

Everything was good, except maybe the orange juice which wasn’t a freshly pressed juice.

Price total for this huge breakfast (for 2 people): 330 THB (9€)

Find the location of Cafe Del Sol here, their Facebook page, and their TripAdvisor profile.


Tukta Thai Food

After reading the reviews on TripAdvisor, we decided to give it a try. We ordered one fried rice and one Pad Thai, and to be honest, we were both (really) disappointed. The food wasn’t tasty at all. Sorry, we never came back again.

Find their TripAdvisor Profile HERE, and the location HERE.

The Blue Chair

Adrian had fried rice chicken (90THB – 2,3€) and I took vegetables in oyster sauce with rice (100 THB – 2,6€). The oyster sauce was disappointing and the fried rice was the worse we have ever tried in Thailand so far.

I can not recommend you to eat at this place.

Mama Piyawan, which is located next to this place, is offering the same dishes for a cheaper price AND with a better taste!

Find their TripAdvisor Profile here, and the location HERE.

Have you ever been to one of these places? And what did you experience?

If everything is new to you, please let me know in the comments below if this is any help.


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