Chefchaouen, also called Chaouen, is a town located in the Rif Mountains of Northwest Morocco. Chaouen is known for the striking, blue-washed buildings of its old town. 

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What To Do In Chefchaouen

> Wander the Streets of the Medina

Don’t be afraid to get lost, it’s beautiful! Around every corner, you’ll discover something more beautiful, which tells another story!

> Visit the Kasbah (the walled fortress)

The Kasbah is located in the middle of the medina. We didn’t do it but you can climb the main tower to overlook the city and surrounding Rif Mountains (it’s 10Dirham per person).


Medina in Chefchaouen

Walk Up The Hill To Watch The Sunset

From the Gate Bab al Ansar, it took us about 20 minutes to reach the Spanish Mosque. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy the view of the Blue Pearl and the Rif Mountains.

Be aware that the sun is going down behind the mountains – So try to be there one hour before the usual sunset time.

The walk is up to the hill but it’s easy. The path is easily doable with flip-flops!

The Medina
Spanish Mosque View Point

Why Is Chefchaouen Blue?

A few theories are going around about the blue color used on the walls of Chefchaouen.

Some say this blue color is keeping the mosquitos away. Since there is a river close by, it helped the village people tremendously to banish the mosquitoes and to get rid of them!

Another theory is that “the tradition of painting everything blue dates back to the Jewish community that settled there in the 15th century.” The blue is said to symbolize the sky and heaven and reminds them of God and a spiritual life.

We do know that this unique style is attracting lots of tourists – and it’s really worth the visit! Such a beautiful and peaceful town.


Where To Eat

> Lala Mesouda

We do recommend to eat at Lala Mesouda restaurant, located in the heart of Chefchaouen, they served traditional Moroccan dishes.

The decor is really unique. Try the tagine chicken lemon olives: it was the best tagine we had during our complete trip to Morocco! Sooooo Yummyyyyy!

With 2 drinks and 2 tagines, we paid about 110MAD (less than 11€).

The restaurant is located Avenue Hassan Awal.

See their TripAdvisor Profile here.

> Bab Ssour

We also hear that the restaurant Bab Ssour is a good address. We didn’t have the chance to try their meals (always fully booked), but if you can, give it a try go for it 😉

Bab Ssour is located 5 Rue Elkharrazin

See the TripAdvisor Profile here.

Where Not To Eat

Even though we had a good breakfast in the main place (Place Outa el Hammam & Kasbah), we do not recommend to eat there for lunch or dinner. While having a drink in one of this restaurant, we were looking at people eating… and the meals looked really disgusting!

Place Outa el Hammam

Where To Stay In Chefchaouen

> Casa Khaldi

We stayed at the hotel Casa KhaldiThe hotel is beautifully decorated. We did enjoy our room equipped with a sleeping area, a bathroom, and a small living room. We don’t need more 😉

The hotel is perfectly located (2 minutes walk from the Medina). The roof terrace offers breathtaking views over Chefchaouen. The wifi in the room was pretty weak. Sorry – it was really shit! The receptionists are really friendly and helpful though.

We paid 11,50€ per person and per night.

Click here to get 13€ off your next Booking back!

View From Casa Khaldi
Terrace Casa Khaldi
View over Chefchaouen
The details of Casa Khaldi

The hotel does not provide breakfast but you can get one in the cafe just on the opposite. They serve a big breakfast for about 40 Dirham (4€) for 2 people. But this cafe wasn’t providing food during the Ramadan, so for our first brekkie in Chefchaouen, we went to the main place of the Medina (Place Outa el Hammam & Kasbah). It was the only restaurant opens. They offer breakfast for 25 MAD: Coffee, fresh orange juice, and toasted bread. The bread was actually really good.

How To Get To Chefchaouen?

The cheapest way to come to Chefchaouen is the bus (~5€/person).

Few companies are driving from Tangier or FEZ to Chaouen. You can also drive with a taxi but it gonna cost you at least 50€.

So- we drove with the company Nejme Chamal and paid 35MAD per person (~3€).

First, the bus came one hour later than scheduled. Second, we had to pay 25 MAD for our bags instead of 10 MAD. And it was at least 40 degrees on the bus! There were no open windows, and as you can imagine no AC. At least 6 people were sitting on the floor without having an actual seat.

So- we do not recommend to use the services of this company!

Straight away after getting out of the bus in Chefchaouen, a taxi driver came and asked to drive us to the Medina. We first wanted to buy our bus ticket to go to FEZ the next days. The taxi driver was saying that the office is closed (probably to increase the chance to make us take the taxi right now). We didn’t listen to him and went up a few stairs to find out that the office was open!

That’s the kind of behavior you’ll be confronted with on a daily basis. People gonna tell you wrong things, just to make you what they want. And it doesn’t matter if it’s about a taxi driver, walking through the medina and they tell you “No this way is blocked – go here” just to guide you through and bring you to a place where someone starts trying to sell you stuff. We discovered a dozen situations like this, but you get it early so – No chance guys! 🙂 It’s hard to accept right but typical in Moroccan cities.

Anyway, we bought our tickets to go to Fez and walked from the bus station to the Medina (about 20minutes, too easy!).

You can also take a small taxi to go to the Medina, it shouldn’t be more than 10Dirham/person.

Adrian is ready for a Sahara Expedition
Colorful Chefchaouen

Tiny Streets of Chaouen

How Long To Stay In Chefchaouen?

The people of Chefchaouen are really friendly, you can stroll through the blue medina without being harassed! It’s so nice!

2 days in Chefchaouen is enough to explore the town and the areas.

Stay tuned for our Next Stop in FES!

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