We started our Africa journey to Tangier, Morocco.

This port city is located in Northern Morocco, and it’s so close to Europe that you can see Spain from the hilltops of the city.

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 13.58.25

We chose to start our trip in Tangier simply because the flight from Germany was inexpensive and also because it’s really close to the famous blue pearl of Morocco, Chefchaouen. Wait until you see the pictures!

What To Do in Tangier

> Wander Through The Medina and in The Souks

The Medina (old city) is big enough to get lost, wander between the tiny pedestrian streets, the souks (markets) and the shops.

> Have a drink at Petit Socco

It’s also a very nice place to enjoy a mint tea and for observing some people from around the world.

> Spend Time at The beach

You can easily walk from the Medina to the beach. It’s a sandy beach and if your lucky you can see some horses riding somewhere around the beach.

> Get Lost In The Casbah

Wander through the beautiful streets of the Casbah (fortress). You will come across the famous 17th-century palace, now transformed into a museum (located Place du Menchoar). With clear weather, the hilltop of the Casbah gives you a beautiful view over the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and Spain. It’s also a nice spot to enjoy the sunset.

View over the Casbah
The Casbah
Casbah Museum
The Casbah
Sunset time in the Casbah

 Where NOT To Eat In Tangier

Avoid eating on the place Grand Socco. People are running after you to get you inside their restaurant to eat in “their good restaurant”, but do not listen to them it’s a tourist trap!

The food wasn’t fresh and awful! We also suspect that the large bottle of water they gave us was filled up with tap water. The couscous was the worst I’ve ever eaten in my entire life!

At this touristic marketplaces, most of the restaurants try to upsell you too: they brought us “Moroccan salad, fries, rice, and a few plates more” without asking you or telling you that you need to pay for it.

>> One Tip: Just refused them if you don’t want them. Or just tell them up front that you just want what you have ordered!

Place Grand Socco
Place Grand Socco

So – Where To Eat In Tangier

> Ch’Hiwat L’Couple

We do recommend to eat at Ch’Hiwat L’Couple. This small restaurant is running by a lovely and really friendly family.

Delicious Tagines

They serve really good traditional Moroccan Food for a tiny price. We ate there twice and paid both times less than 100 MAD (10.00€) for 2 people (with drinks, and bread).

Ch’Hiwat L’Couple is located next to the Medina (avenue Hassan 1) and in front of the Jardins de la Mendoubia (Mendoubia Garden). See Map Here.

See our review for Ch’Hiwat L’Couple here.

> Chez Hassan BAB Kasbah is a good address to eat seafood and traditional Moroccan Food. They served good meals at an affordable price. We paid around 120 MAD (11€) for 2 tagines, and drinks (bread and olives included).

The restaurant is located 8 Rue de la Kasbah. See Map Here.

See the TripAdvisor Profile here.

> Ray Charly

This tiny restaurant was located next to our hotel. We took away twice there and paid 50 MAD for 2 people (less than 5€)! The food is delicious! Do not forget to try their sauce, tomatoes-onions-olives, A DELIGHT!

PLUS the employees are really friendly!

You gonna find Ray Charly at Rue Siaghine (next to Petit Socco). See Map Here.

See the TripAdvisor Profile here.

>> Good To Know: All of these three restaurants were serving food during Ramadan. There are also open for lunch and dinner.

Where To Stay

It was not easy to find a really cheap AND beautiful hotel in Tangier.

We needed to pay at least 50 euros to get a private room in a beautiful Riad. Remember, our budget per night and per person was 15 euros!

So we chose to stay at Hotel Mamora, a basic hotel located in the Medina and next to Tangier port (See the Booking Profile here).

It was 15 euros per night and per person (in promotion on with breakfast and private bathroom.

Click here to get 13€ of your Booking back! 

We could access a terrace from our room, we had a view over a mosque, which was really really enjoyable. We had our own bathroom, even though it was a tiny bathroom. The smell wasn’t the best but ok! Hot water, and pressure ok 😉 The good point was the really soft bed sheets 😉

The Terrace
The Mosque
Climbing the Mosque
Brekkie Time

The breakfast is basic but okay, baguette, sweet bread, one cheese like “Vache qui rit”, butter, jam, one coffee, one egg, one orange juice (not fresh pressed).

The staff was really nice and helpful tough.

Another good point is the big rooftop terrace, the view over Tangier Port is beautiful.

Only one electric plug in the room, do not forget to bring a power strip with you.

The wifi was working pretty good.

We had a pretty cool stay in this basic hotel but we probably wouldn’t spend more money to sleep in this hotel.

The Port of Tangier

How Long To Stay In Tangier?

We do recommend to spend one day in Tangier. It’s gonna be enough to explore the Medina, the Kasbah, and the beach.

Even if we found that there were not so many things to see in Tangier, it’s a perfect city to introduce yourself to Morocco and to be prepared for the busy city of FES.

Next Destination: Chefchaouen. How To Get To The Blue Pearl?

The bus station of Tangier is located Place Al Jamia Al Arabia (See map here). It gonna cost you 20 MAD (1.80€) to drive from the Medina to the bus station with a “petit taxi”.

When we decided to buy the bus ticket Tangier-Chefchaouen, CTM was fully booked – so we drove with another company called Nejme Chamal, price 35 MAD per person (3.10€).

It was soooooo busy at the bus station, really crowded! We had to wait at least an hour to get our bus… and what a bus! We had to pay 15 MAD (1.35€) for my bag, and 10 MAD (0.90€) for Adrian’s bag! Usually, with CTM it’s not more than 5 MAD (0.45€). But what can we do – it’s all good, right?

Follow our story in the next blog post about Chefchaouen! Wait until you see the pictures!!

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