Heading to Bali or thinking of visiting the island for a few days on a tight budget? Well, then this post is for you!

All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD). 10,000  Indonesian Rupiah = 0,93 AUD, 0,60 EUR, 0,73 USD or 0,52 GBP (all approximate and may change. You can check the currency here). 

1. Choose the right time to explore Bali

The season has an important impact on hotel and flight prices. The high season is during the summer (July-August) and at the end of the year (December to mid-January). To avoid expensive prices and tourist crowds, consider to explore Bali during the low season (from April to June) and in September, October before the Peak season. Be aware that the rainy season is typically from October to March (read more about the weather in Bali here). 

2. Transportation

Basically, Taxis are the most expensive transportation in Bali. Uber is also available on the island but still illegal. The cheapest and the most efficient way to get around Bali is to rent a motorbike. The longer you’re going to rent it, the better will be the price negotiation. Usually, you can get a scooter for 8 AUD a day but it can be also as cheap as 4-5 dollars per day if you rent it for a few weeks. *Discover The Balinese Traffic Secret here (video)


We rented a motorbike in Kuta. Why Kuta? Because it’s really touristic which means, it’s easier to make the competition works in your favor and to negotiate a lower price. Your wallet will be thankful?

3. Accommodation

Usually, the cheapest accommodation on Bali is hostels. But this time, traveling as a couple, we wanted to have our own privacy. We always found nice rooms with everything that we needed (bathroom, AC, breakfast) in Homestays, run by local families. We spent about 15 to 20 Australian dollars per night for 2 people. If you are traveling with a few people, you can also rent a villa and split the costs.

Uluwatu Made Guesthouse

4. Meals

With the tourism growth in Bali, you will find every kind of restaurant you can think of (Italian, French…). We prefer local food though so go ahead and check out the street food and Warungs. Warungs are restaurants run by local families. They offer Indonesian food, way cheaper than in restaurants. Average price between 2 and 4 Australian Dollars one meal. You mainly will find basic (street food) meals like rice, chicken and/or veggies for less than 2 Australian dollars for 2 people.


Ubud, Biah Biah
Photo by M. Santoro

5. Activities

Plenty of activities are free and pretty awesome, like exploring the beaches, snorkeling with turtles, discovering the waterfalls, hiking through the terrace fields and much more.

Usually, an entrance fee is required to visit the temples, it’s generally about 2 Australian dollars per person. There are so many temples in Bali, I recommend to choose which one you want to see first. See here our latest post “why you should skip these 2 temples” here. 



One tip for snorkeling: You can rent some snorkel equipment basically right at the beach for an affordable price, but if you are on a budget, bring your own equipment with you (don’t think about buying some on the island: The prices are ridiculously high for a bad quality).*Watch the video “Underwaterworld of Bali” here 😉

Hope this gonna help you! And don’t forget the best TIP to travel Bali on a budget is to LIVE LOCAL: eat local food, stay in local properties, and buy local products!

Planning a trip to Bali? Do not miss The 20 Essential Things You Need To Know Before You Go. 

Are there any other budget tips you’d add? Share them with the community 🙂

Lots of love, Amandine

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