HEADING TO THE GRAMPIANS? Then Continue reading. If you’re not heading there “NOW”, continue reading anyway! #highlights #bucketlist

The Grampians National Park is located around 250 km from Melbourne. Count about 3,5-hour drive (easy drive, the road is in good condition).

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1. The Balconies


To reach the stunning balconies, you need to walk 1km (2km return). The grade of the walk is easy. From this spot, you can enjoy the view overlooking the Victoria Valley. Come at the end of the day to enjoy the breathtaking Australian sunsets! Be aware that it can be really windy, don’t forget your jacket 😉

On the way to the balconies, have a break at the Reeds lookout (50 m after the car park) and enjoy the incredible views over the Victoria Valley.

2. MacKenzie Falls

A 2km walk (return) will bring you to the base of MacKenzie Falls. On the way, stop at Broken Falls Lookout to enjoy the incredible view of the river and the falls.

DSC_0264The walk to the lookout is really easy and accessible to anyone. The hike to the base of the waterfalls is considering “medium level”.

IMG_3960It’s not permitted to swim at the base of MacKenzie Falls, so have a seat and enjoy the impressive show 🙂

3. The Pinnacle

We started the walk from the Wonderland car park (funny name for a car park, right?). The walk to reach the summit is about 2km (4km return), count here around 3 hours in total, a bit longer if you want to chill at the top (and you sure want)!



The view through the Grand Canyon is sooooo stunning. You feel so tiny in the middle of these giants rocks (about 20m on both sides). It’s also an awesome spot for rock climbing.

Just be aware that you gonna need to walk up a lot of stairs to reach the Pinnacles. The hike up is getting even harder under a strong sun as well. So don’t forget, liters and liters of water!



But your reward is definitely the view, on the lake and the mountains, just breathtaking!

And easy way down 🙂



  • We spent two days in the Grampians but the hiking tracks are endless, so you can easily stay there a week! (find the walking tracks here)
  • There are also free camps in the park. We slept two nights at the camp PLANTATION. Honestly, it’s a really good spot for camping with plenty of shade, few picnic tables, 2 toilets, and one “bucket shower”, PERFECT! That’s all that we need 😜  (find the camping sites here)


Have you ever explore the Grampians?  If yes which hiking track did you liked the most? 

You haven’t been there? So – let us know which of these destinations you want to visit!

Comment Below!

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