Sahara & Marina – One year on the road.


Starting our trip in Vancouver, Canada, we have been on the road now for just under 3 months.

The two of us have been together 24/7 as we’ve travelled through the US, Baja, and now Central Mexico. We have seen more cities than we can count, and our trip is only just starting. As we have 1 year together on the road, I’m sure we will have plenty more mishaps and favourite cities. Our favourite city to date was one we arrived in just 3 days ago, called Guanajuato.


After a sharp decision to leave Guadalajara, we headed for the colourful buildings of Guanajuato. Our drive was around 5 hours, and we arrived as the sun was setting behind the rows of vibrant houses. Quickly, we had to figure out somewhere to sleep, hoping to get to one of the two RV parks before night fall. With long side streets that coiled their way up hills, the darkness of the night combined with no working phone lead us to have to find a different option. We quite easily found a bus loop, that was also a 24/h parking lot, that costed less than $1 an hour… which was a good deal for us. We hoped that no one would notice the two blonde girls sneakily sleeping in their van for a night.


After parking the car, and the gentleman manning the lot told us he would keep an eye on our bikes, we were off to find some dinner. As we walked down the cobblestone street, we quickly fell in love with the city. The streets were full of people wandering, music playing, and many, many food stands. The two of us found a quiet little place to get a bite to eat, consisting of our usual bean, rice, and tortillas. The meal in total, definitely didn’t break our budget, as we spent around $1.50 each. After, we decided to grab a drink at a town circle, where there was live music and cutest patio’s surrounding a water fountain. Us, being the only visible travellers in shorts and tank tops, found out the hard way that the city gets cold at night, with everyone around us wearing winter-esc clothing. And after coming from the heat of Puerto Vallarta, was a shock for us.


The next morning we woke up to brisk cold air, and people watched as we had a morning americano. With our hearts full, we decided it was time to head out. With everyone who told us to leave for Mexico City early, we accidentally soaked up too much time in Guanajuato, and left around 11am. In fairness, google maps said it would only take 4 hours to get to Mexico City, with us not remembering we had to get to the south of the city, we filled up the gas and were on our way.

At around 3pm we were entering the city, with bumper to bumper traffic. Not knowing that It was a holiday, and that it was beginning to be rush hour on a Friday, we realized that we might be stuck for a while. If anyone has driven in Mexico City, they will know there are no rules, really.  As we had ran out of data, all we had to work with was a pre loaded map, that Marina had to try and decipher as I drove. About 3 hours in, and a couple minor melt downs later, we were completely lost. As we putted up the hill, and we tried to turn off a crowded highway into a park to figure out where we were, our van gave out. She suddenly turned off, and with a sharp look in Marina’s direction, I turned her back on and thankfully she rebooted.


After circling the park multiple times, we finally figured out where we were, just in time for night to settle in. As we did the one thing everyone told us not to, which was drive after dark, we couldn’t help but laugh at our situation, knowing that we would make it to our destination eventually. At around 8pm we rolled up to my friends house, exhausted, and with bloodshot eyes. We had finally made it, and with a big hug Marina and I let out an exhale of relief. At the end of the day, all we could do was laugh about it, and learn from our mistakes. We will no longer attempt to drive later than we should, and we will always end the day with a laugh and a hug.

Sahara and Marina

The Twenty Something Girls



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