If you are like me and you don’t want to see a doctor whenever “little shit” happens then you can try these natural healing tips, low cost, and low risks guarantee!

1.The green cabbage


Imagine me sitting on the side of the road, backpack on the ground, thumb up waiting for a car to stop. I needed a lift to meet my friend Lee in Brisbane. Pretty quick a car stopped, I jumped in and put my backpack on my legs. Suddenly I was feeling a really WEIRD sensation in my legs, tingling, burning… I didn’t want to afraid this nice guy who picked me up and kept talking to him like nothing happened…

I was screaming in silence HOLY***! When I jumped out of the car, I saw big all the black ants running on me (Australian ants, I let you imagine the size of these little bitches!). I said goodbye to Mike (thanks again!) and went to see my friend for a few days.

My skin didn’t stop burning and itching. Lee told me to use some green cabbage leaves to put on the bump on my leg. WHY? Because the green cabbage has anti-inflammatory properties and it can be used to treat external injuries like swelling and bruising of the skin. I have nothing to lose, so let’s give it a try!


So I washed and dry 2-3 leaves and I placed them directly on my leg, over the affected area. I used a plastic paper like a bandage to wrap it. I kept it on my leg for up to an hour and I repeated this process with “new” cabbage leaves 2-3 times a day.

Unfortunately, the next morning, the pain was too strong, my leg was really inflated, so I had to go to the pharmacy. After taking few antihistamines the swelling decreased! So you may wanna give it a try, but for me, it didn’t work out the way I wished.

2.The onions


Still in Brisbane, because “everything” happened almost at the same time, I woke up with a weird pain in my ear. I couldn’t put properly my head on the pillow. I knew I had an ear infection. Even if the green cabbage didn’t work on me, I decided to try another natural remedy: TIME FOR THE ONION

Apparently, it has some antibacterial properties which can help to fight earache, colds, fevers, and flu-like symptoms. Wow! Let’s do it!

IMG_6954 copy

So I cut an onion in half and I placed it over my affected ear before going to sleep. Even though I was smelling like an onion during the next few days even after a few shampoo sessions my hair was still smelly sooooo bad, the inflammation in my ear decreased after the first night!

So apparently to avoid this horrible smell on your hair/skin, it’s also possible to extract some onion juice. You put 2-3 drops into the affected ear 2-3 times a day and then you place a small piece of onion in the ear. Next time I will try this method! Now you know how to cure infections like this! Trust me, try it!


When my ear infection was cured, I went to the shop HAPPY HERBS in Nimbin to buy ear candles. There were pretty expensive (almost 20 dollars for 2 if I remember) but I needed to clean my ear.

The ear candle is a natural therapy which helps soften ear wax and draw out the impurities in the ear, Yuck! There are made from natural ingredients like beeswax, honey extracts, sage, chamomile, and organically grown flax… I never tried that before and I was really curious about it. So let’s try!


First, I lie on the side and I protected my hair with a towel. I look beautiful, right?

Adrian took a paper plate, made a hole in the middle and put the candle through to make sure it won’t burn my face or my hair.

I felt a gentle warmth and little pressure. Adrian removed the candles after 15 minutes and the magic was over! I could hear properly again! Such a good feeling!

3.Magic Tea


After my swelling leg and my ear infection, my throat got sore and I started coughing, AWESOME! THE natural remedy which is helping me the most is hot water, lemon, ginger, and sage. If you also have honey, don’t hesitate to add a teaspoon in your cup, honey is healthy! Drink this mixture all day long and you should feel better!

4.Coconut Oil


The last trick I tried and still use is COCONUT OIL. You can use coconut oil for many, many things, but the good one is to use it after getting a tattoo. The coconut oil has awesome benefits and helps to the healing process. I got a tattoo in Bali from DEWA who did an old tradition, he used bamboo. 

It was an amazing experience and I loved it even though it takes longer than with a machine, makes sense right? I used coconut oil also for this tattoo and I can tell you, you should give it a try. The coconut oil leaves your skin soft and radiant.

Have you ever try this kind of natural healing? What do you think about it? If you have more natural tips, don’t hesitate to share with us! I will be happy to try them!

Lots of Love, Amandine



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  1. I’m really into natural healing tips and I was gathering recipes of different ingredients. I’m going to book mark this! I got ear infections last year, I wish I knew this before! I’ll try onion next time.


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