Hi! My name is Silvia. I’m a social woman from the Netherlands with a big smile and 3 passions: People, Travel, and Photography. After Indonesia, I’m now living and teaching in Thailand. Working abroad gives me the chance to learn much more about the people&culture and find lots of hidden gems in Southeast Asia my free time! 

Silvia @silviatibben


Dreaming about seeing green sea turtles in their natural habitat? The Derawan Islandsin the Indonesian part of Borneo, is your place to go!

You can easily spot a turtle swimming in the clear ocean around the island. If you jump into the water, the chances are you will be swimming with several of them.


If lucky, you could observe turtles laying their eggs at night. After dragging themselves across the beach to find a suitable spot, a turtle will dig a hole in the sand using its flippers as shovels. Market demand for turtle eggs is high, and many local people have started gathering the eggs with the help of WWF. After 60 days the tiny turtles break their shells and start their journey to reach the ocean, threatened by birds and fish. One of the locals told me that only about one in 1,000 survives to adulthood.


Turtles aren’t the only animals to see around this island. Kakaban Island, 45 minutes southeast of Derawan, has a lake with non-stinging jellyfish. They’re completely harmless to humans, which makes snorkeling here an incredible experience!



The diving and snorkeling around the islands rank among the best in Indonesia and schools of manta rays are often seen!

The boats to the islands leave from Tanjung Batu and there are several ‘resorts’ in different price ranges. There are no ATM’s on the island, so make sure you bring enough cash.

Travel between the islands is expensive, but it was one of the highlights of my one year trip in Asia.

Silvia @silviatibben


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