Cloudy sky, 40 degrees in the shade, humidity at the top… the wet season aka suicide season is coming… Fortunately, we were spending the day at Litchfield National Park well-known for its waterfalls and natural pools. Yes!


For our first stop in Litchfield, we were hanging out at Buley Rockhole. This is a series of natural rock holes and cascading pools. The place was a bit crowded with family and kids who were cooling down in the water. 


We found a quiet place at the top of the rock hole formation and stayed there for a while, hanging out in the small waterfall, enjoying the refreshment. So good. Look at the picture. We really enjoyed it, hope you can see it.

Buley Rockhole



After a really good lunch, RICE & TUNA (like usually), we spent the afternoon at Wangi Falls. First impression: Stunning Place! 2 waterfalls were running all along the rocky cliffs into a large natural pool.


All around, we were surrounded by hundreds of birds and bats. And all of a sudden there was a crocodile swimming next to us. No just kidding, there were no crocodiles. But the Ranger said, during the wet season (November until April), when the water is flooding, sometimes the crocodiles somehow get access and swim here as well. However, during the wet season, it’s not allowed to swim at Wangi falls for two main reasons: intense rainfall which cause really strong currents and bring the saltwater crocodilesDANGER! 

Handsome cockatoos were chilling close to the waterfall making the scene pretty incredible, though.


At the time we have been here, the waterfalls were pretty small due to the dry season.   

After enjoying the view on the lookout, we swam in the freshwater and sat under the waterfall. Finally, we could feel the power of the water! Hard to stay a long time under it! 😅 


In the cliffs, there is a waterhole where you can enjoy a natural Jacuzzi! It’s pretty deep too! You can jump in and dive probably 3 meters down. It’s just an amazing place to relax and let the sunshine in your face! As you can see in the picture, we were really happy! It was amazing! See our video here



During our visit, the two paths to reach Florence Falls and Tolmer Falls were closed, too bad but we had an amazing day in this park and left with a smile! Next stop: Darwin. Let’s go!


  • Litchfield National Park is located in Northern Territory
  • The park is located 100 km south-west of Darwin
  • Free entrance
  • You can easily spend two days in Litchfield National Park


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