After enjoying the beauty of the Indian Ocean, we were heading to Karijini National Park when Bruce the powerful got suddenly sick.


Area of plenty stunning gorges, Karijini National Park is a huge natural playground. Each gorge has a unique character with waterfalls, waterholes and walking trails of varying difficulties. It’s a perfect place for hike lovers, rock climber, photographer…

On the way to the national park, we chose to drive on a pretty long gravel road to save some time and petrol. Oops, Bruce got suddenly sick… one tire literally exploded!


Stuck in the middle of the desert, trying to solve it with our poor tools, Adrian finally changed the tire. Luckily a guy from the Road Work Association Western Australia came across and carried in his work car all proper tools to change the tire. Easyyy Travels goes on!


Thinking of buying straight away a new one to kinda like just have one right? We kept driving to the next town: Tom Price. 

Tom Price is literally located in the middle of nowhere.

In the garages, they asked for a new tire 400 hundred dollars. NO WAY! We gonna get a used one. Asking around for about 6 hours in Tom Price, driving from garage to garage… Everybody wanted to do business. Nobody had a used tire with this size… Weird… 

Despite the risk to get stuck on the road again without even a tire to change this time, we kept driving (no crazy gravel roads) to Karijini National Park. CROSSING FINGERS 🤞

As soon as we reached Karijini, we forgot the dizzy tire, amazed by the Australian outback: wide opening spaces, dusty roads, kangaroos everywhere, impressive landscapes, WE ARE ALREADY IN LOVE WITH THIS NP 🙂




Not one cloud in the sky, 40 degrees, for our first stop in Dale’s Gorge, we chilled at Fortescue Falls. We were straight away dazzled by the beauty of the gorge rim. We walked down the deep gorge and jumped in the first pool for a refreshing bath! Such a pleasant moment!

After cooling down, we walked through Dale’s Gorge, round trip from Fortescue Falls to the Circular pool. Around us, the trees were full of bats, impressive noisy and funny animal! The sun was reflecting on every waterhole, making the water shining like diamonds, gorgeous!



In Dale’s Gorge, while hiking at the bottom of the gorge, the landscape was breathtaking, surrounded by incredible rock cliffs, beautiful trees, and bushes, waterholes… the gorge was definitely a perfect place for hiking, swimming and sunbathing!



On our second day in Karijini, we kept exploring another wonder of the park:  Joffre Gorge.

The sun was lighting the red rocks which makes a spectacular view of the gorge rim. We were speechless!   


We hiked down the gorge by following the waterfall. After reassured Amandine who is afraid by the highs, she followed me easily on the way down. Due to the dry season, the waterfall was not so big, making the hike easier…

When we reached the bottom, we enjoyed the shade of the gorge to cool down. The gorge is stunning!


At the end of the day, we had to weigh the pros and the cons… Should we stay longer in Karijni, take the risk to drive without a spare tire, to get stuck on the road, or should we play the safety card and drive to the next city…

We didn’t want to leave this marvelous park but the reason won and we decided to leave, avoid driving on unsealed roads and hoping to buy a spare tire in Port Hedland. And again Crossed fingers!


  • Karijini National Park is located in Western Australia
  • The park is located around 1300 km from Perth; 600 km from Exmouth; 70 km from Tom Price and 350 km from Port Hedland.

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  • Free entrance
  • No free campgrounds in the National Park, we slept outside of the park 
  • The park is accessible by 2WD if the roads are dry but driving a 4WD (with a spare tire) is recommended.  The only gorge accessible by sealed roads is Dales Gorge.
  • You can easily spend four-days days in the National Park.

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Lots of love, Amandine 


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