“Don’t Panic! Always Remember that.” The dreaded Australian guy said. “Ok”, I replied and looked full of hope to our car Bruce, he was literally sinking any blink deeper and deeper into the beautiful golden sand of WA. I pictured already myself calling a towing service of Ningaloo Marine Park to get the car out…

IMG_5162 2


Notice the beautiful toilet paper roll? Decoration, guys.


After the disappointment of Monkey Mia, next stop was Ningaloo Marine Park and the town of Coral Bay.

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White sand beach, turquoise water, blue sky, shining sun, the beach is gorgeous.

After a short walk on the beach and a quick bath, we decided to visit the area and get away from the crowd.

We were going to enjoy the 4WD tracks direction Five Fingers Reef, located about 5 km from Coral Bay town. Five fingers (weird name, don’t you think?) is only accessible by 4WD (and on all ten toes for the brave people). It’s super hot!

After a difficult start driving in the sand dunes, we finally got stuck in the sand. Like really stuck. Luckily, an Australian guy with an amazing Defender stopped to help us out.

After taking a look to get the overview we first released the air from all the tires to around 10 psi. Driving forward, driving backward, turning the steering left and right, finally we got him out. I (beginner to this time) felt the difference having 10 psi in the tire and driving on sand. Just amazing how easily it went from this moment. We were so grateful. There’s nothing else to expect from a dreaded Australian guy, right? After giving the technical advice, the guy told us THE secret to enjoy your 4WD trip “Don’t panic!”


After this problem solved, we were back on the “Sand” again! It was finally so easy and funny to drive in the sand (see video here)The view on the Indian Ocean is stunning! Pristine water, huge white sand dunes, we were feeling blessed and speechless! 


The way from Coral Bay to Five Finger Reef is gorgeous. The landscape is incredible. We only have seen a few fishermen over there. We spend the afternoon playing in the sand (see video here), chilling at the beach, swimming, snorkeling and enjoying the stunning view.



There are no free camps in Coral Bay and the campsites were full and overcrowded, NO WAY that we stayed in the “center”! We kept exploring the area by driving in the dunes till we kinda got lost. Through this “getting lost,” we found this little bay just for us. 


During our stay, we haven’t seen one person. We spend there 3 days sleeping right on the beach, living with the sun, swimming with fishes, looking for the crabs during the night… WE WERE IN PARADISE!

Our TV



  • Coral Bay is located around 1100 km from Perth; 150 km from Exmouth; 750 km from Port Hedland.
  • Coral Bay is a tiny town with 1 small shop, 1 bakery, some touristic shops/agencies, plus caravan park and hostel.
  • No free camps in the town
  • 4WD is recommended to explore the area

Lots of love, Adrian

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