Was it a big joke?

“Come on Adrian, let’s go”!! We arrived at Monkey Mia and were shocked. Hundreds of people were already standing on the beach, waiting for the Dolphins to come in. Now – go ahead and pictures Amandine’s face! I needed to find a place to stay or she’s gonna get a cow!

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Monkey Mia is a reserve where dolphins are usually coming every morning for brekkie… The reserve is located about 850 km from Perth, and 25 km from Denham in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area.

Totally excited to go see some dolphins, Amandine woke me up really early “Come on Choupi, let’s go to the beach”!!!

We arrived at Monkey Mia beach before 8am, the sun was shining, the wind was blowing. As you can see in the pictures, hundreds of people were already standing on the beach… I let you imagine Amandine’s face… sadness overload!!!

Despite that, we tried to find a place in the crowd… Three or four dolphins came for the feeding session. The ranger chose 2 or 3 people to give them some fishes. 


It was pretty hard to see something… making the “experience” not interesting anymore.


Even the jetty was overcrowded!!


Amandine found then a “better” sport to observe (a bit) the dolphins swimming.

But disappointed, we quickly left the jetty and got away from the people. Good surprise, a gorgeous Pelican was walking on the beach. AND Amandine’s smile came back!


To be honest, Monkey Mia was one of the saddest experiences that we had in Australia. The fee is definitely too expensive (12 AUD/person) for this touristic show. 


Monkey Mia is not more than a touristic resort on a lovely beach. There are definitely nicer beaches on the Australian West Coast and on the World Heritage Drive along Shark Bay.

Like the gorgeous Shell Beach or the cliffs of Eagle Bluff! Check this out: nice right?



Shell Beach, Shark Bay


Eagle bluff, Shark Bay

There is no free camp in the Shark Bay Area, so we found a hidden spot in the Monkey Mia reserve. Perfect place for Amandine to do a “depilating session”  (Ladies know what I’m talking about) thanks to the inverter we bought in Adelaide (the best purchase ever). After the tourist-crowd of Monkey Mia, it was awesome to be alone in the middle of the NP.

IMG_4792The red sand was pretty impressive

Chilling clothes on, machete (just in case), and there we go, walking in the sand, following the footprints of the animals, Emu? Kangaroos? Or maybe Camels? We actually haven’t seen one animal in this reserve but funny expedition!

Have you ever been to Monkey Mia? What do you think about it?


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