“At first it feels unnatural, once you get used to that, you will start to feel like in a cocoon, where nothing can harm you.” – Manu P.

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What got you inspired to do the Diving Master (DM)?

It’s been my passion for the sea, I can’t really stay away from it for a long period of time, so one day I choose to jump into this new adventure and discover as well the underwater world other than the usual “beach life”.


There was no exact goal, I did it mainly for the experience, but of course, it’s something that you will have for the rest of your life, and it’s something that you can work with. So if one day I’ll feel like start working as a DM or, why not, develop myself further on and reach the instructor level, I can always do it.

How do you feel when you are diving?

At first, it feels unnatural, is not normal for humans to breathe underwater and that’s obviously the best part as well, once you get used to that, everything will be smoother, and you will start to feel like in a cocoon, where nothing can harm you.


What is your craziest memory while diving?

Well, when I’ve seen a shark in his habitat for the first time, without any barrier dividing us, I did thought for a second if I should reconsider my choices or not, but as soon as you see one, you will realize and feel how peaceful they are, and there will be no more fear of them.

Other than this, I can remember as well getting down to 50 meters, to visit a Japanese wreck from the WWII, that was probably the most intense experience I had underwater. It’s worth the price!



Where did you do the dive courses and how much does it cost?

I did my DM course at the school called Trawangan Dive in BALI (Gili Trawangan), the company is PADI.
If I’m not wrong it was about 3500 Australian dollars, but prices changes with the country, I believe you might get a better deal in Thailand, many people take an internship and work for the school for like 6 months or so, and earn their DM without spending a cent.

The insurance is included in the price but if you start working as a DM you will have to get your own.


How about the accommodation and the visa? 

The accommodation was not included, most of the schools have rooms, usually right on the beach, with pool and all you need, but I’ve opted for a cheaper room 5 min away from the school. And I had a normal tourist visa.

How many days per week did you train and do the trainers speak English or other languages?

Usually is up to you, but I had to do a full immersion, so I was there 7 days a week, three/four dives a day, which is roughly from 8am to 4pm, plus a night dive once a week. It took me all in all 3 to 4 weeks. The course is basically individual, we were four people, but every one of us had a different speed, someone stayed there for months.

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Yes, they all speak English everywhere, but most of them speak at least two or three languages, it’s common to find somebody that speaks your language fluently, and knowing more than one or two languages is a must if you want to work either as a DM or a teacher.

Any advice to other people who would like to do the Dive Master? 

If you choose to take part to this adventure, plan it in advance, and be sure to have all the time, because you never know what your feelings will be at the end, you might want to stay longer, or get offered a job as a DM!

Cheers! Manu P.


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