“This training changed a lot my life. Teamwork, respect and discipline what I have learned there!” OKAN D.

When I was living in Toowoomba Queensland, I had a roommate who told me about an awesome training camp in Thailand. After I traveled in Japan, I didn’t know what to do, so I just told myself let’s try it!

So in January 2017, I went to Tiger Mauy Thai, MMA & Fitness Camp in Phuket. I chose to do crossfit, strength and conditioning.


I was training 6 days per week and about 3-4 hours per day. I was starting the day at 6 am. I had 2 classes per day each 1 hour. Before dinner, I went to the gym to do my own workout and finish it at 7pm with a sunset at the beach 🙂

Sunset in Phuket

The weekends we had some drinks with friends and coaches! It was a big fitness family. Sundays were always relaxed and beach day. 

This training changed a lot my life. I mean I was doing already some fitness but at the camp, I have learned a lot about my body… what I can do and even furthermore!

At the camp, you are learning a lot… because you are doing it with people who have the same goal! Teamwork, respect, and discipline what I have learned there!


I got much fitter in different ways! My cardio has become better and my diet totally changed. My weight was 79kg before the camp and I got 10kg on muscles in 3 months! 🙂

Another good thing about this place is that you can have sessions with a nutritionist to make your personal plan. And the whole streets are full of restaurants with good and healthy food! It is actually just about fitness: bars with protein shakes, fruits as drinks or special meals on the menu for losing fat and gaining weight!


More Information:

  • The Price

You can pay for an all-inclusive package which one costs about 1000 Euros for one month which included training, food, and accommodation (camp self, hostel or fancy hotel).

You can also just pay the training, it’s about 350 Euros for one month and then decides by yourself where you want to eat and live. The 2nd option is cheaper!


  • The classes

In this camp, you can learn Muay Thai Boxing, Kickboxing, Western Boxing, Wrestling, mama&bjj, Krabi Krabong, Muay Boran, Yoga, Bodyfit, Crossfit, Strength, Conditioning and Fitness classes.

They got courses from beginner to pros. Most of the classes are for beginners, even though you can take private classes which are more advanced.

Muay Thai Boxing is obviously really popular so the classes were full of people, body fit as well… about 30 people in one class. It’s was during the touristic season too.

My first month in January was really full of people but after a few weeks, the cross fit classes were with 20 people max. 

  • Languages

For Muay Thai Boxing, the coaches are speaking well English. The rest is actually a mix of nationalities. For example, my cross fit coach was German and from Koblenz the same hometown where I am from. 🙂

  • The heat in Thailand

You get used to it! Of course, it wasn’t always nice to do exercises in hot days but you can cool down at the pool or in your zircon room. 🙂

And you need to drink a lot of water! Seriously, A LOT!

Phuket, Thailand
  • Visa

For the first month, the visa was free for me (I am German). So I didn’t need a visa but I had to expand it… So I paid 50 Euros for my 2nd month.

After that, I had to leave the country and re-enter it for another free month but usually, you can apply for a tourist visa.

PS: My plan was to stay there just for one month and then travel in East South Asia but I enjoyed so much this camp that I have changed my mind and I stayed there for 3 months! It’s so good that I would recommend to everyone!

Website: www.tigermuaythai


Facebook: Okan Dogan

Instagram: Okidoki93

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