After enjoying the pure beauty of Wedge Island, we got on the road again and kept exploring the Australian West Coast. We continued on the Indian Ocean Drive. The view all along the coastline is gorgeous! On one side you can see the clear blue Indian Ocean and on the other side some huge white sand dunes.

While driving up North, the weather got warmer. So it was time to stop, to wear short trousers and to walk around. 


We spent the afternoon in a quite surreal landscape, the Pinnacles Desert. Blown by the wind, millions of seashells make this moonscape scenery happened. Every Pinnacle is unique! Just let your imagination be free and you will find some funny shapes.


As soon as we entered the desert, we were attracted by the emus walking around the yellow sand, between the weird rock spires. So impressed by these birds, we spent quite a while observing them. 

One Galah was standing in front of us presenting his beautiful colors and performing his rain dance. A Galah is also known as the rose-breasted cockatoo. You can find this bird all around Australia.


Walking in the Pinnacles Desert was like walking on the moon (yihaaa we are so lucky, right?).



  • The Pinnacles Desert is part of the Nambung National Park. It’s located around 200 km North of Perth; and 40 km from Wedge Island.
  • The circuit by walk is pretty short, it’s about 1,5km. We didn’t follow the “normal” circuit and walked through the pinnacles: good way to feel alone in the desert.
  • The desert is accessible by 2WD.


  • The entrance fee is 13 dollars for a car, you only can pay per cash. We didn’t have cash with us, so pretty lucky, we could access the park for free, thank you, Miss… 😉 

Lots of Love, Amandine

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