After spending three days in Perth and its surroundings, the road trip continues direction Nambung National Park and the Pinnacles desert.


On the way to Nambung NP, we got attracted by gorgeous white sand dunes. We told ourselves we have to take a look! It was like driving on the highway and to our left showed up these amazing bright sand dunes. We took the next gravel road left to check out the sand dunes.


While driving through the dunes, we found Wedge Island Reserve. We were really intrigued by this place. There are hundreds of beach shacks ( kinda like houses out of metal boards on the beach) equipped with generators and rainwater collectors. Suddenly we saw smoke went up behind one these houses. It looked like there’s going on a fire or something. What was going on here?


We talked to a local guy which we saw walking close to his “shack”  who explained to us that Wedge is a settlement built by fishermen. They chose this uninhabited place a few years ago and build there a community. They don’t have electricity and drinkable water. They mostly come here to fish.

The local, we spoke to, “invited” us to spend the night at the settlement if we keep the area clean (for sure guys, we do!). By that time the sun turned already down and it was anyways kinda like a grey day, so it was time to place Bruce somewhere and to set up our campsite…


After a nice dinner at the beach, we went to sleep in our car, rocked by the waves.  We suddenly woke up in the middle of the night by weird noises… the local fishermen were literally driving crazy in the dunes, 4WD races in the sand, drifting and stuff! It was really funny to look at that private show from our bed! 


After a restful night, we went for a walk on the beach (see video here). The sand was impressively white, the clear blue of the ocean was just amazing. It was not warm enough to go for a swim but the morning walk on the beach, without rain jacket and beanie, was really pleasant.


If your driving on the Indian Ocean Drive 150 km north of Perth, between Lancelin and Cervantes don’t hesitate to take a look! But attention! You should have a 4WD though, just to mention it.

Lots of Love, Amandine

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