Heading for one day to PERTH, we spend time in the CBD and at the Swan River before going to the “ANNALAKSHMI ON THE SWAN” Restaurant. We really liked the spirit of this place which offers the awesome and unique idea “PAY WHAT YOU FEEL LIKE”. We have not seen something like that before.

The restaurant is running by volunteers who are cooking Indian Vegetarian dishes which change daily. Everyone can enjoy the buffet and eat as much as he wants!

Perth, Western Australia

Near the Swan River, the location of the restaurant is perfect.

Option 1: While eating a delicious Indian meal outside on the balcony, you can enjoy the beautiful view on the river.

Option 2: You can also sit inside, there is one large room filled with plenty of tables all next to each other and share your dinner with all the restaurant visitors. (That doesn’t mean you eat from one plate, it’s just the way Amandine expresses herself)

We chose the second option.

The mixture of the population is pretty unique and really interesting to observe: families, homeless people, students, backpackers, business people… everyone is dining together.

We really enjoyed the food, the place and we definitely recommend it!


If you want to know more about the guy who came up with this amazing idea, click here: Why Annalakshmi

PS: If we payed/donated something for this amazing experience even if we didn’t need to… Sure we did. And I promise you, you will too!


What do you think about the idea of “Pay-what-you-feel-like-restaurants”? 

Share this post and let us know in the description what you think.


Lots of Love, Adrian


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