DO NOT plan your trip, make space for change, follow your heart to follow the sun…

Esperance is a beautiful town with gorgeous beaches in Western Australia. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side; crazy wind, cloudy as hell and it didn’t stop raining… That’s how the next days on the South West Coast will be (map). Disappointed of missing Albany, Margaret River… we decided to follow the sun and to drive through the countryside direction Hyden.

This town place is famous for a huge stone formation, The Wave Rock


The Wave Rock is a granite cliff around 15 meters (50 feet) high and 110 meters (300 feet) long. This shape is the result of wind and water erosion.

The wave is pretty impressive and it’s for us the perfect place to ride with the longboard! JIHA! As you can see in this picture below, riding the “Wave Rock” Wave is one of the most intense Rides we’ve ever experienced 😉



A short walk up the Wave Rock brings you at Hippo’s Yawn (more rock formations). This name is related to the shape of a giant hippopotamus, why not?


We stayed there a bit, enjoyed the panoramic view over Hyden before heading to Perth.


The Wave Rock of Hyden is a beautiful natural rock formation, pretty impressive to see, but for us, a place where you wouldn’t say: “I DEFINITELY NEED TO COME BACK.” Good to see once, though.


Have you ever been to Hyden? What do you think about the Wave Rock?

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