Why did you choose Tinder for traveling through Australia?

It’s not really a question of choice it’s a matter of efficiency. Don’t get me wrong we tried to use couch surfing as much as possible but when you’re travelling and as a person you like to live spontaneously and plan next to little in advance you don’t always know where you will end up that day and to find someone who can host you so short notice is next to impossible.

In the beginning, I can’t say I wasn’t a bit nervous but given the fact I owned a van so I could pretty much drive off at any point and I was with my best friend made me ease into it I guess. I can’t promise to anyone that their experience will be as great as mine but not once have I been scared or wanted to leave from anyone’s place I met off Tinder it was actually one of the best experiences of my life.

The Canadians in Australia, Karine & Kiki

What was your craziest experience by using Tinder?

It was all one hell of an adventure, I remember once we ended up at this person’s place and it was seriously a mansion, they treated us like we’ve been friends forever and there was a party going on at the time where people were jumping off the roof into the pool. This guy actually ended up inviting us to stay a week, showed us amazing secret local spots where we jumped off bridges and gave us a surf board. What a legend!


Did you save money by using Tinder?

A lot. Like, thousands probably. Again, I’m not promoting tinder travelling in any way, I for once just have never been in a bad situation and I guess you can say I’m not exactly the safest person on earth but in all seriousness for three months we barely ever slept in the van so make it 30$ hostel fee per night times 90 which is about 2500$.


Did Tinder help you to meet people?

We must have been lucky, but in all seriousness, I am closer with some of our tinder finds than some friends I’ve had for years back home. Australians are a lot like Canadians and maybe we just clicked but regardless I had the time of my life and met the most amazing people!


Do you think people are looking for sex on Tinder?

I mean, I’m sure some people expected it maybe or thought it may happen but we would basically just find people that had a funny bio and seemed to match our types of personalities, ask them if they wanted to hang out and if we could park our van in their driveway and sleep there. I think if you’re straight up with someone right away and talk a bit before you show up there and you feel comfortable it doesn’t really matter if they expect it or not it’s your choice in the end whether something sexual happens or doesn’t.

I don’t know if I would do this alone though honestly like I said I was traveling with my best friend, we’re smart girls and we did have a van in case we had to leave for some reason – always better be safe than sorry 😉


Christine COTE, alias KIKI @kiiksta

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