This is our car! 

If you work your ass off and plan some crazy adventure in Western Australia you gonna need a reliable car which keeps you on track!

And by the way, we bought this car in Adelaide for AUD $5000 (down from $5700 and even without paying for registration and stamp fee). Thanks to my good communication and sales skills!


Now – there is some basic stuff you need:

  • A Speaker and some songs for about 2 hours (depending on your technical skills and how many people – time may vary)
  • Piece of paper, pencil, measuring tape
  • Glasses – for a clear view in every position, you know like wood chips and stuff like that.
  • Wood from someone who has too much and anyways don’t know what to do with it. You’ll find so much wood, keep your eyes open! Preferable pieces you don’t need to cut, or you need to have additionally:
  • Saw (ask around, or buy one in Bunnings for $6.95, easy!)
  • Electric screwdriver from a neighbour, easy as…!
  • Screws (length depends on wood thickness, I trust you to figure that out) from Bunnings (no affiliate link haha)
  • Angle bracket, if you want to make your bed foldable to have more space if needed (as we did to use our backseats from time to time for fellow travellers)


Please pay here attention, advanced skills needed! Shot me a message if you need help with building in the best foldable way possible, no worries!

and that’s pretty much it – don’t be too fancy.

Let’s see – to keep it short and simple guys, there are a few things important and other few are not that important.

MEASURING – You really need to concentrate and measure properly. Every centimeter counts. The inside of your car is really not the best place for a room. No wriggle room!

STORAGE ROOM – Think about the heigh of the storage boxes if you want to keep them under the bed. Measure properly.



The Measurements are so important that you want to write it with your pencil (above mentioned) on a piece of paper (above mentioned) as a drawing to really visualise the finish bed! Trust me, just do it, I don’t want you to make mistakes.

After you get all your numbers right and your visualisation is in place it’s time for the more technical part.

Building a bed in your car!

If necessary cut the wood (see how to cut safely wood) in the pieces you need (relay on your measurements which you double checked, right?)

The easiest way is to build the construct outside of the car and put it afterwards in the car to finish it than in the car. Sometimes, depends on the car and the construct it’s not possible, so just start in the car.

In the car, there can be one person who is holding the wood pieces and one who is using the screwdriver to fix the wood together.

If you are alone, you can either hold up the wood pieces you are working on at first with your knees, head, elbow, etc. and screw together.

Other way would be to ask for help, to have another and for about 10 minutes max, to hold the pieces at the beginning to fix the main construct. You should be in a position to finish it by yourself.


The bed we builded in our car had 3 foldable top parts and 6 feet to stand on. So the middle top piece was the middle of the construct where the other parts were folded on to.

Pieces of wood from the left to the right to stabilise the bed. You need to understand that the bed still needs to carry you (or even two, maybe three, four?! TRANQUILLO PATRON!) – while moving forward and backwards and what ever you’ll do on the bed 😉

So if you think about it… JUST STABILISE IT.

After the construct was screwed together, we continued with tapping on one layer of sheets to the wood.  The wood was from a neighbour, not the best anymore, so it loses a lot of wood chips. Anyways you can usually put also your mattress on it and thats it. Depends on how nice or cozy you want to have it. Amandine’s part.

As I mentioned… if you want to know some more details about it shot me a message.

Next step should be to hang curtains 🙂


We REALLY should connect… We know we all are busy, but hopefully, we can connect to the platform that’s most convenient for you:

Here Are Our Pages: Facebook or Instagram or Youtube

Lots of Love, Adrian


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