What happens if you take a bunch of backpackers, cheap Australian wine, one passionate artist, a working tattoo machine and put them into a smoky old-fashioned pool room?

Give us a chance to explain!

Karine 🇨🇦 & Quentin 🇫🇷

Given the circumstances, with Quentin’s limited experience and skills, the tattoo needed to be simple; which was quite alright with me because I quite enjoy simplistic tattoos anyways. I chose this specific tattoo for a few reasons.

Firstly, it reminded me of home. Although I am constantly looking for the next destination, Canada will always be my home and has greatly shaped my character.

Secondly, it represents my love for nature. Nothing can ground me like the utter purity and beauty that Mother Nature bestows upon us; which brings me to the last reason I chose this tattoo. My constant need to explore. This earth has so much to offer and I intend on trying to discover as much of it as I can. 

Honestly, I don’t think the backpacking aspect has much to do with it. Tattoos are a very personal choice. It’s a lifetime decision and one that should be made for nothing else than yourself. If you are into tattoos, Great! Backpacking can offer great opportunities to get authentic tattoos from where you’ve traveled or influenced the tattoos you would like to get done or style you like. However, I don’t think the actual decision of getting tattoos has much to do with backpacking. Karine


When I tattoo myself, it was not as weird as I thought. Left foot on the trigger, right hand on the machine. I decided to tattoo myself something simple. Straights lines, points and that’s it! So, that´s my masterpiece! At this night, the Game´s room turned into a tattoo studio, a bunch of travelers got inked (and drunk)! While traveling you live through different times, with different people and a lot of things changes… that was for me a reason to capture “somehow” these moments! Until today, when I look at the Stickman I remember just good moments. Adrian

Tal 🇮🇱 & Quentin 🇫🇷

My tattoo is very special to me. It’s not perfect at all, it’s a bit crooked and it’s faded a lot but it’s my little piece of Berri backpackers, forever.

This was the first tattoo I got that I didn’t plan. At that moment it felt perfect to do it and I don’t regret it for a second. I will never forget the sofa in the games room, everyone designing tattoos on the pool table, drinking white goon and all the amazing people that surrounded me at that moment.

I think every traveler (that is into tattoos) should get one while traveling because your tattoo becomes you and while traveling you learn a lot about yourself. It’s not like a picture of you in a foreign country and what you were doing, it’s you; the way that country and those experiences made you the person you are at that moment. It will stay there forever to remind you the beauty of exploring, not only the world but yourself. Tal

Amandine 🇫🇷 & Quentin 🇫🇷

I always got my tattoos while traveling. It’s a way to remind me the wonderful places I have been and eternalized by inking them into myself. This one is my third tattoo. I chose a simple shape (thin triangle with a circle inside) because Quentin didn’t have so much experience. I was happy to get a tattoo at Berri Backpackers surrounded by awesome people; capture this wonderful time under my skin. I think tattoos are not for everyone. Everyone can only decide for themselves. Amandine

Jess 🇬🇧 & Quentin 🇫🇷

I got my tattoo because it’s my paradise on a beach with the nothing but the sound of the waves. I think every traveler should get one because it’s a reminder of the time you spent at that place where you got it done every time I look at mine just reminds me of Berri. Jess

Quentin 🇫🇷 & Conor 🇬🇧

The tattoo was a bit spontaneous but due to the fact that I love the ocean/sailing and just the general marine lifestyle. Conor

Alex 🇩🇪

The main reason why I got the tattoo was because I always wanted to have one and that time when Quentin said he had a tattoo machine, I immediately thought about a motive or two that I like and kind of relate to the things I like, which a big part is music so that’s why I chose those two motives.

Why everyone should consider it, I mean not everyone has to get one but if you always thought about one why not on your travels maybe even a tattoo that will always remind you of that time. And the first tattoo is probably the most exciting one cause you don’t know how it feels if it’s painful if it’s gonna look nice and so on, and when you travel your always excited to see what’s coming next and I think it just fits together. Alex

Have you ever done a tattoo in a funny/crazy situation? Share your story with us!


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Adrian 😉

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