You are looking for a place to work, save money, to find yourself when you are feeling lost, lonely or just to relax and get to know Australian nature and fellow traveler…

IMG_4362 2berri backpackers australia

This hostel will offer you everything that you are looking for. You can think of it as a community of like-minded people who exploring Australia, working to save money and enjoying as well all the freedom of backpacking.

IMG_4357 2berri backpackers australia

Volleyball, pool, slacklining, sauna, swimming, yoga, music sessions, chill in the tree house, chess games, ping pong (beer pong as you know)…, just to name few of activities you can do in Berri Backpackers.

IMG_4358 2berri backpackers australia

Deep conversations about everything you want to talk about, group conversations, everyday activities in an amazing environment and parties you have never seen before in the legendary “Games room” or even at the bonfire.

pool IMG_4354 2

After working in the heat, the explorers enjoy the pool and relax in the garden.

IMG_4350 2berri backpackers australia

Birthdays, public holidays and even just weekends or days off are the time to really realize in what a wonderful place you are staying.

IMG_4364 2berri backpackers australia

Every day you will discover something new, the overall decoration inside and outside is as weird as it’s fancy.

There are several different places to sleep in. The main house, the summer house but also caravans, tepee, yurt, tree houses…

Honestly, you should definitely come to BERRI Backpacker just to see and feel this by yourself. It’s just not to compare to any other hostel. Believe us, it’s worth it!

Get in Touch with us! We would love to hear from you!

The best way to get in touch with us is by e-mail. Feel free to drop us a mail through the contact form — We reply to every e-mail we receive.

You can also find us online on FacebookInstagram, and Youtube.

Amandine & Adrian


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